Six best ways to make 5000 $ per month from your blog

We’ve written many articles here in GoMakeBig about making money online. Is it possible to make 5000 a month through blogging?. My answer will be a big YES. Have a look at the top 10 money making bloggers around the world(who makes even hundred thousand dollars a month!) In this article I am going to show you how to make money from your blog.

There are many ways to make money from your blog, but how to make 5000 a month ? Here I am listing the 6 best available methods out of them and the possible and practical strategies to make a 5000$ income per month. Let us make money from your blog 🙂

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Type #1: Using Contextual ads (Google Adsense).

Google Adsense is the most popular and easy money making method from blogging. I am using adsense for 9 years and have generated pretty good income from it. The most crucial factor with Google Adsense is that you need to have great deal of traffic to your website. Google pays money for ad clicks and no 50 unique visits per day will bring you a considerable income.

The traffic and revenue are very much niche dependent also. One of my celebrity blogs has around 7000 unique visits and around 19K page views per day, but it just generates around 7-8 $ per day. I had a health blog some years back which was generating the very same 7-8 $ through just 500 unique visits. The revenue earned through google adsense depends on cpc(cost per click). My celebrity blog has a cpc of 0.02 $ per click ,while my health blog had 1$ cpc. CPC is the amount you receive while a visitor clicks on your advertisement.
Some of the high paying niches are

  • Finance
  • Loans
  • Health

How Google adsense work?

Advertisers advertise using Google adwords. Say,you need to advertise your new Face cream with Google adwords. You need to pick the keywords related to your product, for instance, Fairness Cream,Beauty Products etc. Your ad will be displayed in different websites related to the keywords mentioned. Google Robots crawl a website and if it does have the keywords mentioned(Beauty Products,Fairness Cream etc) the specific ads will be displayed. Google adsense pays you for visitors and their clicks . More clicks on the ad mean more money you earn.

Real life example

Dale Patridge
Dale Patridge

Lets have a look at Dale Patridges income report for May 2014. Dale Patridge writes positive living tips through his blog. He helps his readers to get a positive outlook to things happening around.He does have 20K + unique visits per day which generate an adsense revenue of 7000 $ per month.

dale income

Income Generated through adsense : $7036

Dale Patridge’s monthly earnings for October 2014 : $31,271.12

How can you earn 5000 $ per month through Google Adsense?

You might be wondering how much traffic you need in order to touch our magical figure of 5K $ per month as revenue. Revenue through google adsense is recurring and traffic dependent. The more traffic you have the more money you make. Well, tweaks and ad optimizations on your can improve your earnings for sure but ultimately the biggest factor would be the traffic to your website.

How much traffic you need to achieve 5000$/mo through Google Adsense?

Let us have a look at some terms associated with Google Adsense.

CPC – The Cost Per Click (CPC) is the amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad. CPC is very much advertiser-dependent. The advertiser can set the amount for a click.

CTR -The Page Click Through Rate (CTR) is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of page impressions or page views you receive.

RPM – Page Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (RPM) is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, then multiplying by 1000.

To earn 5000 $, you need to earn $166 per day. Assume a CPM of 1 $ , you need 166 clicks per day to achieve this figure. Lets set the CTR as 1 % (on an average scale) and the pages per visit for your website as 1.5/visit. Now let us calculate the unique visitors needed to earn 5000 $ per month(with respect to the average data assumed).

We need 16600 page views to earn 166$ or nearly 11000 unique visits per day to achieve a monthly income of 5000$.

Well the CPC is very much niche dependant. If your niche is of movie celebrities you are less likely to get 1$ per click. On the flip side if you are selecting a finance/health niche you might get much more than 1$ per click.


Type #2: Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is another great way to monetize your blog. Lots of people do generate big revenue as affiliate income.

What is affiliate marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing is very much similar to a real life salesperson who gets the commission for selling products. One of most profitable affiliate marketing is in the hosting business. BlueHost is the best example, bluehost gives 65$ to the affiliate for each referral signup. Patt Flynn makes more than 35000 $ per month through bluehost affiliates. Most of his revenue comes from his youtube video tutorial in creating a bluehost account and through his blog SmartPassiveIncome.

So what’s the connection with your blog and affiliate marketing? A single word answer would be “TRAFFIC“. Bring some targeted traffic to your blog and sell some products(digital or real). Another great example of making revenue being an affiliate(selling digital products) is Themeforest. Themeforest is loaded with lots of themes and they will give you the commission for selling a theme via your referral link.

How does affiliate marketing work?

First of all, you need to sign up to and affiliate support program like amazon affiliates.

That is one of my affiliate links in amazon. You might have noticed the “tag=dollarfry-20” in my affiliate link. This is how amazon tracks my affiliate links. That’s how amazon identify that I brought the customer to amazon so that they can give me the commission of the purchase. Usually, amazon gives a 5-6 percentage as commissions. It may rise up to 10 percent depending on the product and your sales.

Real Life Example

Patt Flynn
Patt Flynn

Patt Flynn is one of the biggest internet affiliates. He shares his monthly income reports with his readers. The income Patt makes through his blog is INCREDIBLE! His last months earning was nearly 98K$ ! 60 percent of this income comes from different affiliate programs . Check it out.

patt affiliate

Patt Flynn’s monthly earnings for November 2014 : $79,098.95

How much revenue can you make through your blog as an affiliate?

It depends on your traffic and audience quality. Unlike google adsense ,you don’t need heavy traffic to generate decent revenue. Say you have 100 unique visits per day and just 2 percent (2 visitors) buys your affiliate products. In the case of amazon you could easily get 12 $ per day or 360$ per month for 100 unique visits. Which is literally impossible with google adsense.

How can you make 5000 $ a month through affiliates

If you are selling products which give you a commission of 10$ per sale , you need to sell 16 products per day to earn 160$ per day (to achieve our 5000 $ benchmark). If you have 1600 unique visits per day to your blog , 1 percent of the readers/customer conversion is enough for you to touch this figure.

Some of the most popular affiliate programs.

Popular Affiliate #1: Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate program used worldwide. The best thing about amazon is its vast range of products which could fit the niche of your blog. Commission rate offered is 5-6 percent average which may rise up to 10 percent. The major difference from clickbank(check below) is that people trust amazon products very much. Even though the commission offered is less compared to clickbank,the probability for a sale to happen is much higher than that of a product in clickbank.

Popular Affiliate #2: ClickBank

Clickbank is one of the most loved affiliate programs because of its high commission rates(sometimes upto 75%) . A majority of the products are digital products(I’ve mentioned below) like ebooks ,online products etc. The commission rates can always be high for this kind of products(digital) as there are no other expenses to meet. Once an ebook is written , the effort is already done, and each sale corresponds to 100 percent profit . Moreover, transportation cost for a digital product is zero. Have a look at some of the highest commission offered products in health category in clickbank.


Lots of accusations have been there on clickbank about the products being scam. Anyway, lots of people are making good revenue with clickbank.

Popular Affiliate #3:Commission Junction

This is popularly known as CJ Affiliates. Very much like clickbank, CJ affiliates does have products from several niches. You can pick a niche suiting your blog, sell products on your blog and earn. You’ll get a higher affiliate commission for products using Commission Junction than directly from the product site.

How can you start your own Blog and Make Money

Are you interested in starting and making money with your blog? Believe me, its super easy. Lets have a look at the 3 steps in setting up your first blog.

So what are the major 3 steps in starting your own blog?

  1. Registering a domain (
  2. Signing up for a hosting
  3. Installing WordPress

Interested in starting a new blog? Believe me, you need ZERO technical skills. Most of these million dollar bloggers I’ve mentioned does have zero or very less technical background. I am recommending you to use bluehost(the most affordable hosting in 2016), click the below banner link to get a discount for your signup.

Through this bluehost signup you’ll be getting,

  1. A free domain(.com)
  2. Unlimited hosting space
  3. 1 Click WordPress install(Yes, you can setup your first WordPress blog in 5 minutes with bluehost)

Setting up a blog in Bluehost is so easy ,you can even do it by yourself in 5 minutes using the one click blog install.

3 Steps in setting up your first blog through Bluehost

Lets have a loot at the major 3 steps in setting up your first blog with bluehost.

Step 1 : Select the Plan

Bluehost does have 3 major plans(basic,plus and prime). To set up your first blog, I’d recommend you to take the basic plan. Initially, your blogs wont be having that much traffic so that the basic plan will be the perfect one to start with. Later on, once you build some traffic(visitors) to your blog, you can updgrade to bigger plans(this can save you some good money). The basic plan is $3.95 while plus and premium plans are $5.95 per month.

Recommended: Basic Plan


Step 2 : Signup for a domain name


Enter the domain name for your blog. I’ve entered domain name is available, means- no one has registered it) and I can register the domain name.

Should I choose a .com or country specific domain name(eg:

The answer is very simple. If you are looking for global world wide visitors, register a .com domain. If you are looking for country-specific visitors(eg: for Britain, for Australia) you can go for a country specific domain name.

Step 3 : Submit your payment information

The 3rd step is to submit your payment information. Fill in your card and address details.

Its highly recommended to untick the following additional options suggested by bluehost

  • Domain Privacy Protection – Only select this if you want privacy for your domain,. Means you dont want to disclose the identity of the domain owner
  • Site Backup Pro – Your blog wont be having tons of contents intially. So that, it wont be hard for you take backup initially. You can easily take your blogs backup using the Backup WordPress plugin. You can always select this option later(if you need this)
  • Search Engine Jumpstart – This is not necessary, you always have the yoast seo plugin to make your blog seo friendly
  • Site security lock – Not needed intitally, you can use this later once your blog gets established. This can save you some money

I am saying this because I dont use any of these additional features for my blogs and everything is super cool for me.

Click the banner link below to avail special discount price of $7.99 $3.95(per month) exclusively for my readers.


NB: If any of you have troubles setting up your blog, feel free to contact me. I can fix any issues faced in setting up your first blog. I’ll be responding in 2 hours and won’t charge a single penny for this service. I love my valuable readers 🙂

Type #3: Selling your own product.

Sell some products through your blog. For instance, if you have makeup/beauty tips blog, you can always sell beauty products online. Once you have the trust of your readers, they’ll be willing to buy your products.This is my personal favorite way to monetize a blog as the profit percentage you get will be much high compared to the previously mentioned ways.

Why is products (Real or Digital) selling the best way to monetize your website ?

I’ll explain this with the challenges and hurdles you need to face in using Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing . You need to build good traffic to your blog to generate decent revenue from your blog.
How much traffic should you need to drive to your blog in order to generate a good income?

Well , even if you only have 50 unique visits per day,you can generate revenue from your blog through adsense, but negligibly small. Being a person using adsense for 9 years , I would say,

You need to have a minimum of 2000 unique visits per day in order to generate 1000 USD per month(in any high paying niche)

This is the real hurdle you need to face. And if you are a webmaster you know how difficult it is to generate 2000 unique visits a day.

For an average webmaster it should take a minimum of 1 year to reach 2000 unique visits per day (stable traffic,depending on content )

And the saddest part is 1000$ per month is never gonna make you a full time living. How much money you gonna need to overtake your full-time job? 5000$-6000$?

You might need 12000 unique visits per day in order to make 5000 a month.(6 x 2000 unique visits per day)
Some of the disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing.

The biggest disadvantages in affiliate marketing are the low commission rates offered by big affiliates.Let us have a look at the commission rates offered by some of the world famous affiliates.


The commision rate of amazon affiliate might pull you back . Well, it’s never that bad (an average of 6-7 percent , up to 10 percent). But it’s little hard when it comes to practical figures. You should sell products worth 600 $ per day in order to earn the 1000$ benchmark per month which is not that easy.

Themeforest offers 30% of the first purchase of the user while elegant themes, being very generous offers 50 percent of each sold theme via affiliate. If you are able to sell themes worth 100 $ per day (from eleganthemes) you can easily make 1500$ per month which is awesome!

How to make 5000 a month selling your own products through your website.

1. Selling Real World Goods.

2 years back I developed a website for a client in joomla. He was selling Protein rich food (chocolate,candies) for body builders. The traffic to the website was low (say around 100 unique visits per day) . But it had a total sale of around 300 $ every day. His profit percent was more than 60 percent which would make 180 $ revenue each day or 5400 $ per month. When it comes to e-commerce Steve Chou from MyWifeQuitHerJob can be your best teacher. Check some of his articles and guidelines to start and e-commerce website. He makes more than 10K -15K $ per month selling wedding linens.

2. Selling digital goods.

The benefits with digital goods are that it does have 100 percent profit. Yes, you may need to invest time and money initially for launching digital goods, but after all, you doesn’t need to spend any money on the product. Build your blog, generate some traffic and sell your digital goods. Neil Patel from Kissmetrics has proved this strategy successfully. Kissmetrics is a web analytical tool which gives you detailed data of people browsing your website.It provides something which google analytics doesn’t give. Neil drives a big deal of traffic to the product through his kissmetrics blog. He and his team has written lots of web analytics articles in kissmetrics blog and did build a great deal of traffic . These visitors get converted into customers. The lowest package is $179/mo and highest is $599 /mo. With this great deal of traffic ,kissmetrics comes out as one of the most profitable digital products in the web industry.

What are most popular digital goods sold over internet.

Let us check some of the digital products that are in great demand all over the internet.

  • Ebooks
  • Web Applications/Software
  • Website Themes
  • Songs
  • Graphics/Design/Fonts
  • Online Games
  • Photography
  • Articles
  • Tutorials

1. Ebooks.

Say, you did start a cookery blog and was able to drive a good amount of traffic and readers to your website. You can launch one cookery ebook and can sell it on your website. Say you have 200 unique visits per day and you are selling an ebook for 20$ , 3 percent conversion would generate 120$ per day or 3600$ profit per month.

Have a look at our detailed guide to Making Money Via ebook.

2. Tools/Themes

This is intended for technical persons. If you can make a good useful Tool/App/Plugin, readers will definitely be purchasing it if they find it useful. Have a look at some popular people making money through WordPress plugins.

Real World Example

John Lee Dumas
John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas of entrepreneur on fire is the best example of taking online product sales to great success level. His last months earning through product sales was $234,396 !

eof income

Dumas’s monthly earnings for November 2014 : $307,504.50

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Type #4: Selling Blog posts, Links, Banner.

This is the most easiest way of making money through your blog. You can sell text links,banners,blog posts etc to other websites (they receive traffic and seo juice through this procedure). Placing a text link should literally take 1 minute. The biggest challenge for you is driving traffic to your website. No one advertise in your blog if it doesn’t have descent traffic. After the Penguin and Panda updates webmasters are very much vigilant in buying links , it may do harm than good if links are bought from low quality websites.

The price for a link/banner offered in your blog depends on many factors. The two most important ones are,

1. Traffic to your blog.

People want traffic. If your website has solid traffic to route some traffic to another website ,people would definitely advertise in your blog. The price varies, but I’ve sold one text link for 1000 $ for 3 months from my blog which was receiving around 6000 unique visits per day.

2. Page Rank of your Blog.

Well, nowadays pagerank is a common term . Everyone know about pagerank, it’s a metric used to analyze the priority of a website. Websites with high pagerank (from 0 to 10) are said to be the ones with great quality. Well by great quality I mean Quality Content,Solid Backlink Profiles,Age,Authenticity,trust etc. Pagerank values up to 4 are normal , and above 4 are exceptional. The amount you can charge for a link can rise with respect to your page rank. If your blog has high page rank, the traffic doesn’t matter much. Say if it does have a pagerank of 6 , it doesn’t matter if it only has 50 unique visits per day, people will advertise on your blog.

Read – How to start your own blog ?

Type #5: Selling Services through your blog

You can sell your services through your blog. Build some audience and offer your service expertise to the readers(customers). Neil Patel utilizes this strategy very brilliantly. He writes traffic building tips through his blog quicksprout. He’ve already established his brand in website marketing/analytic/traffic building. All his readers trust him and know he is a guy they can completely rely on. This results in conversions for him. Neil offers website reviewing and consultation for a price and his readers can use his limited service. Neil , being a busy person works only for clients whom he thinks are worthy. Neil has placed testimonials from Techcrunch and other biggies for whom he has worked. He has driven a great deal of traffic for these guys. He has placed a popup in QuickSprout offering his consultations for a price.
Likewise, if you own a programming blog say WordPress tips and tricks blog, you can always offer your WordPress customization services. Your regular readers know very much about you and your ability. Your regular readers should have the trust in you. You can convert this opportunity into money.

Niel Patel
Niel Patel

Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud offers his consultation services. He is a blog consultant and gives tips and consultations in building a blog and driving traffic to it. He teaches you everything from starting a blog and taking it to the next level. His consultation charges are 249$ per hour. Apart from blog consultation,he also offers WordPress Seo services through which he optimizes your WordPress blog making it search engine friendly.
How can you build trust to your blog and earn 5000 $ per month providing services ?

When it comes to services, it’s all about building your brand and trust. Build an email list from the beginning,collect emails as much as you can. There are lots of ways to collect emails, here in dollarfry we’ve used the SumoMe email popups which will be shown once the reader gets into the blog. The major question is why should the reader give you his email? If you can make that smart impression,the reader might not hesitate to give you his email. There are lots of smart ways to collect emails of the readers, like

  • Providing a free ebook on signup – This is a commonly followed strategy. Write an attractive e-book and email it to the readers for free. Well you can collect the email address of the reader notifying them about this
  • Newsletter signup box – Provide free email updates from your blog that the user need to provide his email
  • Offer Free service – If you have a WordPress tips blog, put a popup or sidebar widget like “Signup for my free WordPress services(only 5 slots left)” so that the readers who are looking for such kind of services may sign up for your service.

Check out the popup form which Neil Patel uses in quicksprout to collect email from his readers,


Provide trustworthy client testimonials

As I said its all about trust, no one signup for your services unless you are trustworthy. Providing Client testimonials gives a trusty feeling for the readers.
Get more user engagement in your blog
Getting more user engagement can build the trust of you and your blog. Rather than writing small articles with 300-400 words, write big detailed articles worthy to receive heaps of comments. Reply to your commentators, clear their queries and try to build a relation with them that they might come back and comment again(in some other post).This strategy can build trust and relation with your readers.

Write unique tutorials and articles in the niche you are offering services

This is really important. If you are offering WordPress Customization services, write unique articles about WordPress tips and tweaks. If the reader finds some value to your article he might think like “Hey, this guy is a kick ass WordPress Developer probably I should take some of his services”.

Type #6: Selling your blog.

You can sell your blog through flippa,sitepoint,websitebroker etc. Some of the biggest blog sales deals in the history of internet are,

Ugo – Sold for $100 Million
Fotolog – Sold for $90 Million
TechCrunch – Sold for $30 Million

I recently got an offer of 600$ for one of my niche affiliate website. I literally have spent nothing more than 2 hours in total in the blog. Iet was really a good deal considering the fact the I haven’t spent much time for the blog and the overall expense to set up the blog was just below 50$. Anyhow, I haven’t sold the blog as I have many other plans with it.

There are a number of aspects which decides the price of your blog, have a look at some of the major factors.

  • Write high-quality articles on your website– High quality original content is always an asset to your blog. This will be considered with high priority when you are selling your blog.
  • Traffic of the website– The number of visitors per day is another key factor affecting the sale of your website. The more the traffic to your blog, the more you can set the buy now price of the blog
  • Revenue your blog is bringing in – How much money does your blog make now? This is another major factor which decides the price of your blog
  • Backlinks obtained and age of domain – If your blog has solid backlink profile, your blog will be of high value. Even if it doesn’t have much traffic, a high backlink profile always make it prone to have more traffic in future (which increase the market price of your blog)

Have a look at how tung tran sold his blog for 6000$ in 6 months . Tung Tran made a total profit of 12000 $ in 6 months through his websites.

How can you sell your blog?

People love high-quality content and there will always be buyers for it. But the ideal question is which is the ideal place to sell your blog? I would recommend Fippa and Empire Flippers. Let’s have a short look at both of them.

Platforms to sell your blog

Flippa is a website marketplace. You can list your website along with the statistics there and buyers who are interested in buying your blog can bid. The issue is that flippa will just act as a portal, you need to take care of all the other things yourself.Empire Flippers are website brokers, they’ll take care of every other things. You don’t need to worry about the payment fraud and other complications, just provide the details of your blog with along with genuine google analytics and income reports and they’ll handle the rest. EmpireFlippers do have a brokerage fees ,they’ll take a percent of your blog’s price as commission. But this is no big deal as you can probably sell your blog at a better price than in flippa through Empire Flippers. You can also sell your domain name online if it is credible and is of great value.

This is a bonus method apart from the 6 methods mentioned above , which is new make money blog method – Lead Generation

How you can generate leads and make money from your blog ?

Lead generation is a new method to convert your visitors into money. Lots of business happens through websites and you can leverage this opportunity to make money from your blog.

You can generate leads from multiple niche blogs. Tour/ Travel blog is one good niche where you can generate a good deal of leads. Say, if you can bring readers to your blog regarding some tour/travel spots, you can convert this potential customer to leads. A good percentage of the visitors will be travelers who might visit the tourist spot sooner. If you can collect the email address of these readers, you can always sell these leads to tour operating companies. Thinking in the wider sense, you can make much more money if you arrange the tour for these travelers.

Another good niche where this lead generation model can work is in the real estate niche. For instance, if you have a real estate blog listing all the properties in Chicago(A Chicago real estate blog) you can always write articles like “Best Villas in Chicago” , “How to rent a house in Chicago” etc.These blog posts can bring in potential visitors(leads) who are interested in properties in Chicago and you can always convert these leads into money. You can organize a property deals with these readers(once you gets their contact details ) and make money as commission.

Type #7: Create Webinars

If you ask me what’s trending right now? I’d say WEBINAR!

Webinar is one sector in the online business which gained massive amount of popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic. Lots of entrepreneurs do webinars to build their brand with different audiences.  Read this example of Lewis Howes who made $6,200 in 1 hour from his webinar.

You can sell webinars before your blog readers. Let’s say if your blog is about online marketing, you can always create a webinar on

  • “Digital Marketing trends of 2020”
  • “Best ways to promote your business through social media in 2020”  etc

To start a webinar, you need to choose the right webinar platform. Demio or WebinarJam will the right choice to host your first webinar.


You can make 5000 a month by following any of these methods.You can also try all these 6 methods in once. You can also club all the six methods together to make a great amount of money, lots of professionals bloggers do so. All the methods take its own time, I don’t want to you to be misled by the astonishing figures I showed you , it takes time! If you are looking for some quick money you’d better choose some other ways. Making money through blogging is very much possible but it takes time and patience.

We love comments ! Post your opinion as comments . Good luck making some money with blogging 🙂

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