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How to Create a Recorded Webinar


One of the biggest problem with running a webinar is it takes your time. Let’s say if you host 10 webinars each of the time 1 hour, you’ll have to invest 10 hours. As you already know, coming live requires lots of preparations as well. Here is were recorded webinars comes to save you. A recorded webinar or simulated live webinar enables you to record a webinar and schedule it whenever...

How to Promote Your Educational Institute


1 . Launch a beautiful website A good looking website is what you need to have in the first place. If you check the websites of colleges or universities, you can see that they are content-rich and highly credible. The website should have a good design and must be neat and clean. One of the best examples of a good looking website for an educational institution is of the University of Notre Dame...

Starting a Personal Training Business Checklist


The global health club industry is expected to touch $20B by the end of this year. Worldwide, when it comes to 2020, the overall health club memberships come around 183 million. The personal training industry is also expected to have a good growth rate. More and more people are concerned about the importance of having a personal trainer and the money spent in this sector is also increasing. More...

Top 15+ Niche E-commerce Business Examples to Start an Online Store


If you’re planning to start an e-commerce business, your first thought would be how to compete with giants like Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, and the ivy league stores. Nobody in their sane minds would dare to take on big e-commerce players, especially when they don’t have venture capital investments. So the question is, how to build a successful e-commerce business without getting...