How to Earn Money by Teaching Online

In one of our recent posts, we’ve explained how much money people are making by teaching online. Doing a quick recap of that post

1) Rob Percival – He was a maths teacher and was able to generate 3 million in revenue in 9 months teaching online.

2) John Azzi and Eliot Arntz – Made $700,000 in small time period selling their course online.

3) Joseph Michael – Generates $40,000+ a month teaching online.

4) Nick Walter – Was able to make a revenue of $66,000+ in just 2 months!

So , the big question is How can you make money by teaching online ?

Well, there are different methods through which you can earn money by teaching online

1. Start a udemy course

Starting a udemy course is one of the best methods to make money online with your teaching skills. If you are a teacher, you might be specialized in something. You can sell this skill through udemy. Start a course in udemy where you have skill, knowledge and experience. Let it be programming, guitar coaching, cooking, or whatever, udemy has the largest set of audience looking to buy courses and get experience in something.

The best thing with udemy is that you’ll be able to get sales organically. You need to create a course in udemy and udemy will do the rest of the work(not in a complete sense, but if your course is good, you’ll definitely get visits and thereby sales). Udemy is like YouTube where you get visits organically if your video/course is good.

2. Start Your own Website

What is the biggest advantage of having your own website? You have more control over your online business. Let’s say if you start a course in udemy , what happens if they ban your course one morning? You are done, right?

Here is where starting your own personal website/blog is really important in building a sustainable online teaching business.

To start your own course selling website, you can use platforms like teachable or thinkific.

3. Start your own blog

Starting your own blog is one of the best ways to make money online teaching. Many big online tutoring companies like wpbeginner (WordPress tutorials) , Justin Guitar (teaching guitar online) etc are blogs. If you are good at something, you can start writing blog posts about it in your blog. You can do keyword research in google keyword planner to find the right keywords for your blog and write content based on that. Once you receive visitors to your blog, you can leverage email marketing tools and collect emails from the visitors. Later on, you can promote your new posts through the email list you’ve built.

You can use different advertising networks like google adsense or affiliate marketing to make money from your blog.

4. Online consulatation

This is another great method to earn money teaching online. For this, you have to build your own online brand. The best way to make money through consultation is to develop your website and build your own brand. If you are popular online you’ll definitely get leads to get consultations online.

Another good method is to leverage your personal contacts, be active in different WhatsApp, social media groups, etc to get direct consultation works.

5. YouTube

YouTube , you know how big it is. Everyone out there knows that many YouTubers are making millions online from their YouTube channel.

If you are a teacher and well versed at something, you can start a YouTube channel. For instance, if you are a history teacher, you can start a youtube channel on history and create videos based on interesting history. Check out these two popular history channels,

You can teach people through your youtube videos like you teach your students. If you can add some interesting signature, fun, etc and make it more interesting, you can retain the viewer and get them to subscribe to your channel. The more subscribers you get, the more successful your channel is going to be.

How can I make money through YouTube

1. YouTube ads – You can use YouTube ads to make money from your YouTube channel. The more views you have, the more money you earn.

2. Affiliate marketing – You can promote products related to your niche through your video and put affiliate product links in the description and when the viewer purchases the product, you’ll be getting a commission of the sale. Let’s say you are teaching programming, you can promote programming books and courses through your YouTube videos

6. Be a freelance writer

Millions of blogs are out there(including blogs of big companies). Written content is on high demand and the demand is continuing to rise day by day. This is one of the reasons why all the big and small companies do content marketing now a days.

What does this mean? It means there are lots of content writing opportunities.

If you are a teacher/expert in some area, it would be easy for you to get content writing opportunities. Say if you are an economics/business teacher, it would be easy for you to get opportunities to write for a finance/business company. You can also signup in upwork for content writing opportunities.

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