6 Best Books and Resources to Learn PHP and MySql


Most of us know PHP – is a server side scripting language commonly used to write web applications. MySql – is an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) used to store data handled by web applications. We have written a handful of amazing articles on how to make money online as a PHP Programmer. All these articles guide you through different opportunities available for a...

Complete Paypal integration guide in PHP 4 steps


Paypal integration use to be a real pain for many developers. They use to change their interface(especially their sandbox and developer environment). In fact there is a strategy for the paypal integration and if its followed properly this is an easy process. Have a look at this guide which completely guide you to php paypal integration. Objectives and Steps Step 1 :  Create Sandbox testing...

Two ways to sort an array keeping its key in php


The sort function in array sorts the array very well, but it doesnt maintain the keys so that it becomes really painful sometimes. There will be several scenarios were we need to keep the keys of the associative arrays. Luckily there are two functions in php which will help us to achieve this 1. uasort uasort sort the array in the desired order (ascending or descending and will maintain the keys)...

A Simple PHP OOP Tutorial -Learn Object Oriented Programming Concepts with Examples in 7 steps


Demo Download Country Class Example In this post, I’ll explain the php oop concepts as simple as possible. What is Object Oriented Programming? How to learn php oop easily Object oriented is not some kind of code, but a different approach to the way of programming.  There are lots of drawbacks in the procedural methodology, which the OOP can overcome. Lets gets straight into the Country...