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GoMakeBig is not a website where you are going to read “how to make quick money”! This website is not dealing with any kind of “quick money” schemes or “get rich quick” type articles. Okay! We believe those 2 lines are enough to make our ideas clear.

Let’s come to the point now. GoMakeBig is all about helping you to start your own online business, and make money from those businesses.  We are the founders of a couple of successful online businesses. We are running online businesses in many different verticals like Commercial Blogging, E-Commerce, Software Development Services, Software Products, and Online Magazines.

GoMakeBig– is our project to share great articles on starting an online business, developing the business and getting success with it. We will be writing a lot about our experiences, building traffic to websites, different revenue models, Income Reports, online marketing techniques and other related topics.

About Founders

Jojo Joson

an engineer by education | into the world of business by passion 

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Jojo – is an Electronics Engineer by education. I came into the world of online business while studying in college (possibly in 2006 – at the age of 19).  Initially, I started making money by offering freelance services. I have also started a WordPress blog (in 2006) and started making money from the blog via Google AdSense. So this was my first stint with online business – where I made money online by offering freelance services and from my blog via Adsense. At the age of 19, I was earning in figures equivalent to monthly salaries offered for Software Engineers.

Let’s take a look at the businesses I have started:-

CircuitsTodayis a WordPress powered website for Electronics Engineers 

I have co-funded this venture along with 3 other partners.

  • Receives over 2 million page views per month
  • Very reputed website in the industry
  • Earns revenue from Adsense
  • Earns revenue from Amazon Affiliates
  • Earns revenue from Direct Advertisements ( Yearly subscribed clients)
  • Earns revenue from Product Sales via Store
  • Earns revenue from Consultation & Services

Layero –  makes and sells Premium WordPress Themes 

I have co-founded this venture. Sells WordPress Themes via Layero and other marketplaces like ThemeForest

  • Currently, sells over 8 premium WordPress Themes
  • Earns revenue from ThemeForest
  • Earns revenue from Mojo-Marketplace
  • Earns revenue from Direct Sales in Layero
  • Earns revenue from other small marketplaces
  • Earns revenue from Customization Services

Celebrity & Movie Review blog the first blog I started

I started this blog in 2006. It’s all about movie reviews, celebrity updates and movie news!

  • Earns revenue from Adsense only

WebNestersWordPress web development services 

I have co-founded this company. Currently employs designers and developers.

  • Earns revenues from WordPress based design and development services

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