How to make money online selling videos with Uscreen

In one of my previous posts, I’ve mentioned about 8 ways to make money with your videos. In this blogpost I am writing about makeing money online selling your videos. Well, you can make money through your videos from YouTube(through ads and other programs). This write up is about creating an independent platform for your videos and selling it to various subsribers.

Uscreen comes up with an idea of creating and selling content(especially videos) online. It’s been used by wide range of business owners, startups and many other internet savys. Uscreen is a monetization platform for over 1,100 live customers. Uscreen allows you to upload Videos, Audio, PDFs, Documents, Text, Live Streams & Webinars. All these contents uploaded can be presented on behalf of the users and they can subscribe to the content you provide.


You can upload your videos to Uscreen via direct upload,google drive, dropbox etc or even sync directly with your Vimeo,YouTube,Wistia accounts . A special feature of uscreen is the live streaming, you can live stream your content through the live streaming player of uscreen.

You can upload your video and build a community where you can interact with other video uploaders (like commenting,messaging etc).

Check some of the real life scenarios where uscreen will be the choice for you.


Are you a personal who want to sell your courses online? Whether it be training videos, motivational speaking videos, English speaking courses, Web development courses or whatever, uscreen is a perfect platform to promote your skills by selling your courses online.

Live WebCasting

Uscreen allows you to live cast your videos. This will be perfect solution for your webinars.

Internal Video Hosting

Say, if you have a firm or an internal network of people where you need to showcase your videos . For instance , you have a team and you need to train your team using training videos. You can host the videos in your uscreen account and share it with your team.

Uscreen recommends its service mainly in these sectors,

  • Educational Content
  • Membership Sites
  • Fitness Training
  • Entertainment Videos
  • Corporate Training

How to make money with Uscreen

You can make money with Uscreen . The biggest attraction of uscreen is the different modes of money making like,

  • Subscriptions
  • Rentals
  • Pay Per View

You can also setup coupons and bundle offers for your users and once a user subscribe to your plan you will make money.

Other highlight features of Uscreen

Lead generation

With Uscreen you can create high converting landing pages with top notch designs. You can also promote these landing pages through various marketing platforms and create sales funnels through it. This can generate good leads to your landing page and help you to attract more subscribers and thereby more money.

Built in Themes

Uscreen theme library has lots of good looking themes which you can use for your video portal. The themes, very much like the WordPress themes , can be set up in minutes and require zero technical knowledge. You can even create a website like Netflix in terms of look and feel using these Uscreen themes. The best advantage of using a theme is its portability, if you think your design is not that effective, you can easily change to another theme without any complications.

Uscreen Analytics

Uscreen does have an inbuilt analytics system through which you can analyse your viewer’s behavior. You can track user engagement,popularity, who is watching what parts of the video etc. You can also connect your uscreen account with popular analytical platforms like google analytics and all. This analytics helps you in analyzing the overall performance and user interaction.


Uscreen is heavily optimized for video hosting. Uscreen leverages multiple CDN’s to scale and reach audience world wide. The best thing is that you won’t be charged any additional fees in using the CDN. This makes your video smoothly streamed around viewers residing in different parts of the world.

Pricing and features

Pricing of UScreen starts at $99 per month and ranges up to a luxury plan of $499 per month. For all the plans, you’ll be having unlimited bandwidth and courses. One of the best feature of uscreen is the 99 % up time for the basic plan and 100 % up time for all the other higher plans. It also provide a website hosting & blog for all accounts. For higher plans($299,$499) you can use the uscreen affiliate program where a 3rd party can promote your videos. This can attract more sales to your videos. Well, you need to give a percentage of your sale as commission to your affiliate marketerer. Uscreen also accepts credit cards, Paypal and multiple currencies across the world. Coupons & promotions are eligible for all plans.

Some of the other highlight features offered by Uscreen are,

  • Upselling- The upselling feature can drastically improve your conversion rate by prompting the users to upgrade the subscription package.
  • Email Automation – Automated emails to users with respect to various actions
  • Social media integrations
  • Offers – You can create awesome offers like free content subscriptions,rentals etc
  • 100% Whitelabel-Uscreen branding wont appear in any part of your website
  • Multi language support- Uscreen allows your website to be presented in native language of users
  • Customisable order form
  • Custom checkout fields – You can add custom fields to your checkout form (This can give you better tracking)
  • Seo Optimization – The Uscreen is very much seo optimized so that you can leverage the advantage of search engine traffic

So, summing up, Uscreen is a good platform which you can use to create some awesome contents and to sell it online.

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