How to Hide Contents & Folders Inside a Parent or Root Web Directory


In some cases, you will be required to hide folders and contents inside a root/parent web directory in order to prevent others from accessing your confidential directories and the files inside them. If you are little confused with the scenario, let me explain. Consider a case in which your website has a sub domain and several sub directories inside that sub domain. In a real life scenario, assume...

How to connect to ftp and upload files using windows command prompt?


Some people love getting it all done through the command prompt and some might have been forced to ftp via the command line. Hope this one helps you both. Step 1 . Take the command Prompt using run in windows. Step 2 . Connect to your ftp  using ftp command. ftp Step 3. Login using your ftp credentials. Step 4 . See and navigate your directory contents using cd (Change Directory)...