How to make money online in India? – 7 popular methods

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How to make money online in India ? Making money online is very much popular in India. Lots of people live with that money earned online. So what all are the most popular make money online methods in India? lets have a look at the most popular 7 methods through which you can make money online in India.

Method #1 – Content Writing

Content writing is India’s most favorite make money online method. Lots of people live full writing contents in different platforms.

What are the major qualities required for a content writing job?

  • Good English
  • Good typing skills.
  • Good content research skills.

So what all are the best content writing platforms in the industry? Lets have a look.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the biggest service providing platforms in the world. Employer do post content writing jobs and the service providers can bid for the job. Checkout the content writing section in Freelancer and apply for a content writing job.

2. Elance

In India, Elance is as popular as Freelancer. Many freelancers makes full time living through content writing from Elance.


Another service providing platform with same ideology. Have a look at the Odesk Content writing section

4. About

About is one the leading platform which provides detailed information about any subject. If you are well versed in a subject, you can apply for a writer .They pay a flat fee of 25$ for 500 words, the payment may increase depending upon your article quality.
You need to take an initial test and if you pass, you can start submitting article and earn money from About.


Scripted is another service providing platform like Elance ,but focusing only on content writers . Bloggers who need articles can purchase directly from Scripted. You need to pass an English proficiency test in Scripted in order to provide articles.

6. Listverse

Listverse accepts interesting lists about anything(mainly top 10 list) . They pays $100 straight if they accept the article. There are some criteria with which they accept articles, lets have a look

  • Article should contain 1500 words minimum.
  • The list should contain a minimum of 10 items.
  • The topic should be unique(it shouldn’t be found in the internet) and interesting for the readers.
  • Mystery,Entertainment lists are more likely to be accepted.

Writing an ebook
If you are confident enough with your content writing skills, try writing an ebook. It is a much profitable strategy. Check our detailed article about making money writing and selling your ebook

Method #2 – Selling in the popular ecommerce market places in India

As you may know Flipkart, Amazon,Snapdeal are worth billions of dollars, billion dollar sales are happening through these ecommerce portals. You can take the advantage of this by registering as seller in these portals, the formalities are not that complicated.

You need to submit the tin number of your firm to register as a seller in these market places. Once they approve you as a seller, you can start adding inventories in your sellers dashboard. You have to submit details of your product, volumetric weight(a measure based on length,height and weight of the product) and clean good looking photos made up in white background. The marketplace team will verify your product and once they approve your product, it will be available to buy in the market place. The market place takes a small commission as their marketing fee, rest of the amount will be credited to your bank account.

What are the popular market places in India

1. Flipkart

flipkart logo

Flipkart is the most popular ecommerce site in India, it ranks number 5 in the world’s top 10 ecommerce websites. Through registering as a seller in flipkart you can reach more than 4.5 Crore customers. Selling in flipkart is one of the most prefered make money onine method in India, you can read the success stories of different sellers in flipkart.

Register as as a seller in Flipkart

2. Snapdeal

snapdeal logo

Snapdeal is 6th most popular ecommerce website in world. Snapdeal , they usually takes 14% of the product price as marketing fees. They also have the dropshipping option, which makes your logistics super easy. In the dropship option you don’t need to worry about logistics. Snapdeal have already tied up with major logistic partners in India(Bluedart,DTDC etc). You need to register your pincode before being a seller and snapdeal picks the right logistic partner for you. Once you get an order, initiate the courier team about your order(through the snapdeal seller portal). The logistic team will come to your home/office and will collect the order and deliver it. What you need to do is to pack the shipment properly before the logistic guy comes to collect the order. Once the customer receive the shipment and after the formalities, money will be credited to your account excluding the snapdeal marketing fees and the logistic costs.

In snapdeal dropship option, you have to set the logistic price along with the price you set for the product. For instance, assume you need to get 450 Rs for a product. If your logistic cost is 80 Rs and the Snapdeal cut is 50 Rs, you have to set the MRP as 580 RS.

Register as a seller in Snapdeal

3. Amazon
amazon logo
Amazon India is another highly popular ecommerce market place in India. The advantage of selling in amazon is the less marketing fees taken by amazon. It is just 10% of the MRP , while it is 14% in snapdeal. Another difference from snapdeal is that you can organize your own courier partner. This makes it easier for you to operate even in remote areas , while in snapdeal you need to make sure that the proposed logistic partner is available in your area(or else you won’t be able to be a seller).

Register as a seller in Amazon

Method #3 – Blogging

Blogging is one of the most  popular and favorite ways to make an online income. The most important thing with blogging is about building traffic into it. There are lots of methods through which you can bring traffic and revenue to your blog(Check the blogging section in dollarfry).Lets have a look at some of the most successful bloggers in India.

Successful Indian bloggers

1. Harsh Agrawal


Harsh Agrawal is one of the most popular tech blogger in India. Harsh writes technical articles, mainly website/WordPress tutorials and make money online methods . His blog shoutmeloud does have more than 4 Lakh readers world wide. He started blogging in 2008 and is now living full time blogging.

How much does Harsh makes from his blog?

Harsh publishes income reports through his blog, his last months(February 2015) earnings was around $12K around(7.2 Lakh Indian Rupee). In January 2015 it was around $10K(6 Lakh Indian Rupee). Check out his income report for feburary 2015.

His blog does have good traffic(approximately around 10k-12K unique Visits per day). He converts this traffic into money, traffic is the one and only key to make money through blogging. Majority of the revenue are from Affiliates.

Average Income per month:  Around $10,000

2. Amit Aggarwal

amit agarwal

Amit Aggarwal blogs on labnol(Digital Inspiration). He mainly writes technical articles like tweaks and tips in the IT industry(Internet/software), he is one of those early bloggers in India. He used to write articles in the blogger platform. Labnol was a blogspot blog, later he took an independent domain to post articles in it. Amit does have a huge amount of traffic to his blog. His main revenue sources are Adsense, Paid Advertisement& Affiliate Income etc.

Average Income per month:  Around $20,000

There are lots of other Indian bloggers who makes full time living with their blog, I’ll make it another detailed post.

Check my post about making $5,000 a month from blogging.

Method #4 – Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular online service business in India. You can upload a gig or service in fiverr for 5 $(you can add additional services and charge more). The base price of fiverr should be 5$. People who are interested in your service can buy it for $5.

For example,Spicygina an Indian lady, offering video testimonials in English,Hindi or Bengali have made up more than 250 videos for her customers. You can hire her service for 5$.Write her the content of the video testimonial and she will be sending the you the HD video testimonial in 9 hours.
Have a look at my detailed article aboutBest Selling fiverr gigs.

Some of the major categories of 5$ services in fiverr are

  • Creating a video testimonial for $5
  • Creating a Logo/Design for 5$
  • Singing the requested song for 5$
  • Drawing a cartoon for 5$

Method #5 – YouTube

YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in India. Lots of Indian Video uploaders earn good money through their YouTube Channel/Video. Generally people make money via YouTube with their unique skills. Lets have a look at some Indian individuals who make great deal of money through their YouTube channel.

  • Shraddha Sharma  is an Indian singer, she uploads her self made singing videos in YouTube and gets views for it.This views are converted into money through YouTube partner program. Many of her videos does have more than 2 lakh views . Have a look at Shraddha’s Video Channel
  • Shruti Arjun Anand mainly provides make up tips for women through her YouTube video channel. More than 1.4 Lakh people have subscribed to her channel.As I said the more viewers and views, the more money she gets.
  • All India Bakchod(AIB) is one of the most popular YoutTube channels in India. It does have lakhs of views. The AIB Roast show with Arjun Kapoor and Ranvir Singh was very much controversial. So how does AIB earns money through their YouTube videos?
Shraddha Sharma YouTube channel
Shraddha Sharma YouTube channel

How can you make money with your YouTube videos?

  1. Through the YouTube Partner Program, you can create a partner account and YouTube will place advertisements in between/starting of your video and you’ll get paid for posting these advertisements in your video
  2. Building your brand- The AIB has built their brand through the YouTube videos,now they sell their merchandise online and their fans are rushing to buy them. Well, to make money through this method ,you need to be solid on your brand.

Lots of foreign YouTube channels make more than $2,000 per day from their videos(millions of views). I’ll make it another post.

Method #6 – Data Entry

Data entry jobs are super popular in India. The biggest problem with a data entry job is to find a legitimate one, most of the data entry jobs found over the internet are scams. Who all are the legitimate data entry job providers? Who all are the popular names in the data entry industry? Lets have a look.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer does have lots of data entry and data processing jobs . Data processing is much more interesting and easier job compared to Data Entry. The average payment for data entry jobs are around $100.

Some of the data entry/processing jobs seen in freelancer are

  • Copying content from one website to another – $45
  • Finding name and email of 240 corporate restaurants –$125
  • Translate from English to arabic – $18

2. Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee is another legitimate online data entry job provider. They do have an evaluation test to check your skills in data entry.

Some of the major things you need to know while working  with Virtual bee are.

  • You don’t need any experience in data entry, but need to pass the evaluation test.
  • The payment scale is not that big.
  • The jobs provided by Virtualbee are fun to do.
  • The minimum amount for the payment to be done is 30$
  • The minimum age limit to apply is 18.
  • Every one (Americans/Non Americans) can apply

Method #7 – Transcription

What is a transcription?

Really simple, you will be provided an audio file ,you need to convert it into text. Transcription basically is speech recognition.

You can be a good transcriber , if you have.

  • Good typing speed.
  • Good English listening skills.
  • No problem in understanding accent.

Transcription jobs are always in high demand in India. There are some really genuine websites  where you can find transcription jobs(medical/non medical). You can easily apply and start transcribing with them.

1. TigerFish

TigerFish is one of those genuine companies providing online transcription jobs. You can approach them through email only. They will give you three 5 minute audio samples ,you need to transcribe  and give it back. After all they’ll check your work quality and invite you for the transcription Job.

2. Transcribe Team

Transcribe team doesnt have that much formalities like TigerFish, in fact they welcome newbies into transcription. You wont be paid as beautifully as TigerFish, but if you are new into transcription ,this will be a perfect opportunity to learn/improve your skills and to make some money .

  • The average earnings from Transcribe Team per month is $132.
  • Pays $0.4-$1.2 per audio.
  • Get paid every week.

Hope you enjoyed this post about the most popular make money online methods in India. Did I miss some? Feel free to shoot a comment.

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