Top 10 Fiverr Gigs that are highly popular in between fiverr users

Fiverr is one of the most awesome service platform in the internet.  Unlike freelancer, we can get all type of services in fiverr in various sections. You just need to signup and offer your service for  5$ (as the name fiver indicates).

So, what all are the best selling gigs in fiverr?  How much money do they make ?

Have a look the these top services in different sections in Fiverr.

1. Banner/Logo

fiverr logo

The best fiverr gigs falls in this category. These are the best sellings gigs in fiverr. If you check the logo design category in fiverr, you can see that those are gigs with immense reviews. As an example, consider this logo creation gig , it has more than 24,000 reviews and has 600+ orders in queue. Keep in mind that every orders doesnt produce review, or in other words ,the number of orders will be much higher than this reviews.

Anyway lets check the least possible money made by this fiverr seller

 24,000 x 5 $ = 120,000 $

You can see that he offer other premium 50$ and 205$ services.  Which means he should have probably made much more money than this number. Do you think he has made million dollars selling this fiverr gig?

2. Content Writing

Content writing is another super popular fiverr gigs category. This fiverr user Amitbt is one of the top 10 fiverr sellers.  He provides a 500 word content for 5$, there are also other gigs as high up to 50$(for which he provides a 6000 word ebook). Amitbt has got more than 17,300 reviews till date which means the least money which he made from fiverr would be

17300 x 5$ =86,500 $

3. WordPress/Programming


WordPress is ruling the web industry . If you check the programming section in Fiverr you can see lots of services offered in the
wordpress section . This guy will fix your wordpress problem for just 5 $. He can install, fix and customize wordpress. Till now he got more than 10,000 orders.

4. Psychic Reading

blondey fiverr


Blondey is a fiverr user who provides you amazing accurate psychic readings for 6 questions, this can help you in your marriage, romance, partner, money, life decisions, purchases, career etc. She also provides 100$ gigs for detailed analysis of the psychic reading. Lots of people uses her services in fiverr and have made their life much better. She is one of the top rated fiverr seller with more than 5200 reviews.


fiverr videos twins

Theadtwins is one of the top rated sellers in fiverr. They will make a video featuring twins for 5$(40$,10$ packages are also available). They will only endorse G-Rated products, not any adult/drug related  brands. Till now they have got more than 3200 reviews which means they have made much more than 3200×5$=16,000$ from fiverr.

6. Translations

Translations are another hot selling service in fiverr. Checkout this best selling fiverr gig by Krauz1 providing English to Spanish translation of 1000 words for 5$. 2500+ reviews makes sure that his gigs are one of the best fiverr gigs.

7.Celebrity Voice Overs

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman

This guy is a 21 year old voice actor from England.He will create a gig for you in the sound of Morgan Freeman and other celebrities. And to be frank, he sounds very much like him.
His gigs can be used to promote your products, and the unique sound of Freeman , for sure will attract visitors to the videos.

Have a look at the Morgan freeman voiceover fiverr gig

8. LifeStyle/Fitness

6 pack body

This service offered by dietmad do have more than 950 votes and what he offers is tips to get a wonderful body like him. He do have a great body and what he shares is his experience gained in body building and the secrets to his body.

Know the secrets of dietmad to a great body for 5$

9. Extremely Bizzare.

Eye Popper.
Eye Pop Fiverr

Doyley have an amazing talent to pop his eyes out . According to him he unofficially possees the Guinness world record in eye popping . You can use his service to promote your product, wishes to someone and for sure to scare some one. His videos would be upto 15 seconds. With an overall review number of 1350, he should be making a descent income through fiverr.

Doyley’s Eyepopping video services

10. Modelling

fiverr model

Did you ever think that models are too expensive? How about a model for your brand endorsement for just 5$? Ann, a model from poland offers her modelling services through fiverr. She will hold your sign/brand for just 5$. She can also be your bikini model for just 10$. Check Ann’s profile in fiverr, one of the best selling profiles in the modelling category.

Hope you enjoyed these top gigs in fiverr, do you have some gigs in fiverr? Do comment, lets promote them 🙂

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