How to start a blog for free and make money from it

Are you looking forward to make money from your blog? Don’t have much money to spend?

This article can help you in starting your blog for free and making money from it. I’ve divide the whole article into 2 sections.

1. How to start a blog for free?

In order to start your blog for free, you have to register a blog in WordPress or Blogger.

Both platforms are good, but I’d prefer using WordPress rather than blogger.

Why WordPress is better than blogger?

Some quick features,

  • Better themes – WordPress have lots of good themes compared to blogger. So , if you are looking to build one good blog with a good clean design, WordPress will be the wisest choice.
  • Better functionality – WordPress have better functionality than blogger

How to start a free blog in WordPress ?(6 Steps)

#Step 1: Get to

step 1

Browse into WordPress and select the Create Website Button.


#Step 2: Select the category of your blog

step 2

Complete the small survey of WordPress about your blog.

#Step 3: Select the type of homepage

step 3

Select the type of homepage you want. You can even start an online store with WordPress for free. Here, as we are starting a blog, its better to select the first option , A list of my latest posts.

#Step 4: Choose a WordPress theme

step 4


In this step, you need to select the theme of your blog.

#Step 5: Select the domain name

step 5

In this step, you need to set a domain name for your blog. You need to pay in order to get an independent domain name, in the free option, you’ll get a WordPress subdomain. Here I’ve registered,

#Step 6: Select the Free option

step 6


You need to select the free option

#Step 7:  Create your WordPress account

step 7


#Step 8 Your Done! Happy Blogging

step 8

This is how your blog interface looks like, you can see the sample First blog post generate by WordPress itself to make your job easier.


2. How to make money from your blog?

In order to make money from your blog you have six popular methods ,

  1. Using Contextual ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling your Product
  4. Selling your services
  5. Selling your blog
  6. Selling sponsored post and ads.

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