How freshers and beginners in PHP can land a Great First Job


Why PHP developers are in great demand? According to statistics, the popularity of PHP is increasing day by day. It is getting more powerful and stable with every update. With the current stable version (5.5 ) , php can be considered as one of the powerful scripting languages available to build web based applications. One of the major   factors which influenced the popularity of PHP is opensource...

Understanding PHP-Html/Css-Ajax-Javascript and Jquery all in one with examples


Php, Ajax,Jquery,Javascript,Html and Css all these languages are very much related. You need to know all these (or atleast the the basics of all these languages to build a website or web application. Many of you might know these stuffs, but atleast some of you might be confused about the clubbing of all these techniques. This tutorial will help you to understand the basics all these languages and...