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How to Upgrade or Reinstall WordPress in your Server


From time to time you will need to upgrade your WordPress installation for better security and making use of new features. I highly recommend everyone to upgrade your WordPress with the latest version as it is one of the fundamental concepts in securing WordPress. Upgrading WordPress is necessary whenever a new stable version is released in the community website – Reinstalling...

5 steps in creating a facebook application to fetch user details using the latest Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.2.2)


DEMO      DOWNLOAD SOURCE Facebook, being the most popular social network in this era, its applications also got high relevance. Facebook database contains the largest personal data all over the world. So how can you make a facebook application to access a third party data? Follow these steps. Difference between Graph API and FQL Graph API is the latest one , but still we may need to depend on...

5 steps to write a brilliant blog post that save readers time and reduce the bounce rate


When you write blog posts, its important that you need to highlight what you are writing. Most of the readers don’t bother to read it completely, so what happens is skimming. Your blog post should be intelligent that the readers will get the essence of the post in minimum time. Have  a look at these simple techniques through which you can take your blog post to a different level. # Step 1...

6 questions you need to ask yourself before launching a new product


Some times we get confused when we launch or brand a new product into the market. We may not know were to start or how we can market it effectively. Answering these 6 questions will help you to analyze where your product is currently and how to make the product into a successful one. 1. Who all needs your product? You should have an idea about the market of your product, which category are...