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Best hosted shopping carts review – Start an ecommerce store yourself


Lets get straight into the point, this article would be helpful for you if you are looking to start an e-commerce business and you Doesn’t have much technical knowledge. Don’t want to depend others to set up your e-commerce store (a web designer or programmer). Want to setup a good looking e-commerce store. Should need a support team to help so that there wont be any troubles to the...

Top 10 E-Commerce Sites in the World Based on Visitors – Updated LIst of 2022


We’ve seen how e-commerce has evolved in this 21st century. Amazon started was started in Jeff Bezo’s warehouse in 1994. Now, when it comes to 2022, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world worth $113 Billion and amazon has around 750,000 employees all over the world.  So who all are the other biggest eCommerce players in the world? Let us have a look at the top 10 eCommerce...

How can you guide an aimless(confused) customer to a successful checkout?


Customers for an e-commerce store are of different types as I have explained in my previous posts. Here I am going to explain about the scenario where a customer doesn’t know what he need. Your store do have multiple products and what he intend is to buy something from your store. How can you guide him to a successful checkout ? How can you make his way easier? Lets have a look Being more...