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4 Types of Video ads you can create for your Product


Video advertisment are now the most trendy method to promote your product. Doesnt have any idea about creating and ad for your product? How can you create a unique video ad that can attract customers? This article will help you. First of all you should identify the character of your product and make the advertisment for the peculiar product behavior. Video ads can be of three types Type 1 (Video...

How to Sell your Web Designing & Development Services


Usually this title question – “how to sell my web designing services” is asked by new freelancers, new web design agency owners, new marketing professionals & new entrepreneurs who start an IT services business. In this article, I’ll try my best to address this question based on the experience I have in starting, running & growing an IT services business (focuses...

How to Market Your Business using Directory Listings


Marketing is the key activity which improves the sales in every business. In this article, lets have a look at how to market your business by listing in online business directories. An online business directory is a website which lists different types of businesses categorically. A customer who is in need to find a service/product usually search in business directories to get his answer. There...