Why you should start your online business in WordPress?


1. Very easy Admin side

Its very easy to manage your stuffs in the wordpress admin. Basically all the stuffs inside wordpress are based on the basic posts concept. This makes it easy for the administrator to manage all the admin side of the site. You just need to understand the purpose of custom posts and custom taxonomies.

  • Custom Posts – Assume that you got two products, 1. Food and 2. Shirts . You can create  two custom post types for Food and Shirts so that both of them appears as different sections(posts) in the admin side and you can manage them separately.
  • Custom Taxonomies(Categories) – The above mentioned products should have different categories also (say, Veg, Non Veg etc for Food and casuals,Tee etc for Shirts). Here is where custom taxonomies help you.

2. All the essential features for a moderate business.

So what all are the essential features(pages) required for the website of an average business?

  • Products Page
  • Product Categories page
  • Contact Page.
  • Cart and Checkout (if its shopping cart)
  • User Login system.
  • Photos, Videos and Gallery.

WordPress meets all these requirements. Shopping cart is also possible through wordpress plugins like WP Ecommerce and Woo Commerce .

3. Easy Customization

Lots of online documentations are available for wordrpess. Now a days, the designers them self are doing wordpress stuffs. What does that mean?
You don’t need to be well versed in php. Just the basic knowledge will be enough for you to do the  customizations (within a limit). And some customizations are possible even without the basic knowledge.

4. Availability of lots of plugins.

WordPress would the framework with the most amount of plugins .No wonder ,as 1 out of six websites in the internet is in wordpress! So that is something which is supposed to happen.
There are lots of free plugins through which you can customize your wordpress. Plugins range from smaller (Social sharing like Shareaholic) to bigger ones like (Shopping cart like WP Ecommerce and Social networking like BuddyPress ) . Some of the plugins are even heavier than the size of wordpress. Have  a look at the WordPress Plugins available

5. Theme Availability.

Lots of themes are available for wordpress. Especially in themeforest, there are themes in different niches like
real estate, food and beverage,Portfolio etc. And interestingly you can buy most of them between a price of 40-60$. Other major wordpress theme market places are Mojo Themes and Woo Themes

What all features will you get with these themes while you spend 40-60$?

Where will you get a website for such a cheap price? If you have a host, and if you know how to host a website,
the 50 $ would be the only cost which you may need to put on starting the website. Lets think about the scenario with a real estate website.
Assume that you are intending to start a real estate website. Just imagine the cost if you hire a web development company for this purpose?
I am sure it would cost a minimum of 1000$ . While if you use a wordpress theme, you can limit the cost below 100$(maximum cost). Which certainly is not a bad deal, as you’ve saved almost 90% of the money which you had to put into.
You will be getting all these required features from a reputed theme.

  • Complete Design.
  • Administrator Management.
  • Full Functionalities.

6. Easy Upgrade.

You can easily updgrade wordpress without much difficulties. Also if you are buying theme from a reputed company, they(most probably) will update their themes to newer versions so that it would be compatible with the newer wordpress versions.

7. Search Engine Friendly.

From my personal experience, all my wordpress websites have performed well in google than the other ones. WordPress is very light weighted and well coded. We can have meta tags and seo friendly urls in wordpress. More over we can optimize the meta tags, title and other things needed for seo for each and every posts if we use plugins like YOAST SEO. This will give you better rankings in google in no time which is very important for your business.

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