Top 5 Domain name registrars over the internet

What is a domain name? It is the magic that converts a raw IP address into easily comprehensible text. To register your domain name, you will have to seek the help of domain registration service provider. Lets us have a look at the most famous domain name registrars which can help you register and manage your domains.

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1. GoDaddy



Alexa Rank : 82

Go Daddy is the giant of the entire web hosting service industry, in fact, many times larger than any other service provider for that reason. It has built a huge customer base by providing cheap package deals that combine domain registration and web hosting coupled with frequent specials on domain registration. Registration at Go Daddy includes a free mini hosting plan wherein you get a five page website based on any of their templates, blogging tools, a photo album and an email account with 1GB of storage. One year registration with Go Daddy costs you $11.99.


Go Daddy offers a range of features like email, database and blogging to start with. No other web hosting service can compete with the breadth and depth of its feature set and this is a major reason why it has become a prominent player. It is the largest web host with its competent and comprehensive service.


Well, most of the best features at Go Daddy are limited or come at an additional cost. Besides, as the site has grown so large, it is less personal.

2. Namecheap



Alexa Rank : 987

As it name implies, domain registration at Namecheap is quite economical however the web host has not built a name for itself merely by providing the absolute cheapest deals. Reputation of Namecheap rests mainly on its solid customer service and value added packages like free email, URL forwarding, free domain transfer, dynamic DNS services, free and customizable domain parking and the like. Namecheap provides you with two business hosting packages: Basic and Elite. Both these packages enable unlimited domain hosting and include shopping carts as well. Hosting with Namecheap offers you access to a service called RichContent which provides access to a comprehensive range of content relevant to your site. One year registration costs $9.98.


Unlike other service providers, Namecheap does not try to sell you a bunch of other things when you are just in to buy a domain name. This, in fact, is Namecheap’s best selling point. Though this may hinder their profits, it makes them more pleasant to do business with. If you are looking for a domain registrar with a great reputation, unbelievably low prices, and top notch services, Namecheap is one such company.


No phone or chat support offered by the web host. There are also complaints of occasional system problems.

3. Name


Alexa Rank : 1342

Besides simple domain name searches, provides alternative suggestions including domain names that are presently held but are up for auction. has a service called Domain Grabber. If a domain is unavailable, but you really want it, you can pay to pounce on the domain once it becomes available. One year registration costs $9.99.

Pros is very simple and easy to use. It offers reasonable prices on domain names and has amazing features if you have 1-2 domains or a ton of domains.


Support is available only during normal business hours during the week days. moreover, the PRIVACYPLEASE coupon is not free.

4. Hover



Alexa Rank : 13511

Hover is yet another clean and straightforward registration site that you would like for its top notch domain management tools. Besides a great control panel, each domain you purchase comes with unlimited domain forwarding and free private domain registration to save your personal info and keep it hidden. In addition, email accounts are also available for an additional cost. One year registrations costs $15.


Hover is easy to use and free from annoying from flashy, annoying and spammy advertisements. The checkout process is quite simple and they don’t try to push additional products along with the main item. Besides, the prices are fair, realistic and direct. You are not charged any hidden fees.


Regular pricing is quite expensive at $15 per year and mailbox pricing is $20 per email address per year which is also more expensive. Furthermore, Hover directs its customers to a chosen group of specialized hosting companies instead of extending their own web hosting services.

5. 1&1


Alexa Rank : 1028

All 1&1 domain registrations comprise of a simple five page starter website, free private domain registration to shield your personal information and an email account with 2GB of storage. Cost of one year registration is $4.99.


With just $3.99 per month you can get free 1&1 Website Builder which gets sites on the World Wide Web in just four simple steps and the 1&1 marketing centre and search engine credits ensure high traffic. Spreadshirt Marketing is a distinct software program that enables website owners to create branded merchandise and get more visibility among the masses. This is especially useful for the business owners. Also, it provides a complete collection of email features along with spam protection and ample mailbox space. Furthermore, it comes with a simple and easy to use control panel sporting much functionality like creating a forum, blog, and database just in a matter of clicks.


The starter packages seem to be too lightweight for storefronts and business sites, with merely 10 GB storage. But, the larger packages are competitively priced and provide better stats and more frills. You have to pay extra dollars to get additional features.

What to choose?

Having examined the most popular domain registration sites available and known some of their features, price, pros and cons, you should be in a better position to find out which one will best suit your requirements. Before selecting a web hosting company or a domain registrar, experts suggest that you completely compare a few different possibilities. Besides, how comfortable you are with the design of the company’s site is unquestionably one of the factors you have to consider in addition to the features, services and prices.



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