15+ Thinkific Examples To Get Inspiration And Ideas

Thinkific is a great platform to start your online school. Before lunching your first course on Thinkific, it will be a good idea to learn about other course creators who already run successful online schools using Thinkific plaform. In this article, we take you through 12+ Thinkific examples – course websites using Thinkific. Let’s learn how fellow creators are using Thinkific to build their online course business.

#1 TheCoastalDrone

TheCoastalDrone – is a drone pilot certification training school founded by Kate Klassen and 2 other co-founders. They run courses that help drone pilots in Canada to get the certificate for flying drones in Canada. So far, they have trained over 4500+ pilots through their online courses. They use Thinkific as their online course platform.

The home page and blog are powered using the WordPress platform. Courses are listed collectively inside the WordPress page, and each individual course is linked to the Thinkific platform. I’ve added a screenshot of their Thinkific home page below.

The Thinkific home page is designed using the parallax concept, where all the pages are arranged inside a single landing page, which can be scrolled down one by one. An individual course page design provides the overview, course curriculum, and the buttons to enroll for the course. I’ve added a screenshot of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) course below.

They have also integrated the “Drift” live chat plugin with the Thinkific platform to interact with visitors and handle pre-sales queries. Thinkific has a great number of third-party app integrations that you can set up so easily on a single click. Free previews can be provided inside the course curriculum.

The CoastalDrone is a classic thinkific example which shows the design and features of the thinkific course platform. Now lets move on to the next course website using thinkific platform.

#2 Train2Point0

Jason Yee, former National Hockey League (NHL) champ and kinesiologist studied the biomechanics of the champions and decoded the real science behind the victory of each player. Yee started an online school using Thinkific as the platform, to educate players on how to improve the mechanics of their bodies. 

Train2Point0 is Jason Yee’s brainchild offering courses that help players improve their games in skating and hockey. He has developed Train2Point0 as a membership website rather than selling the courses individually. The Thinkific platform is mapped to the custom domain name Train2Point0.com. The website home page and blog is built using the Wix website builder.

As part of his marketing strategy, Jason offers 1 course for free and this will give his students an idea about his teaching style & course structure. A free course is also a great tool to collect emails and upsell membership through email campaigns. Train2Point0 is a great example of a Thinkific membership website. If you’re looking to create a membership site using Thinkific platform, Jason’s website is a good model to refer.

#3 Onnit Fitness Education

Onnit is a classic example of how an established online business & brand can leverage online courses to create an additional revenue stream. Onnit is a very popular online fitness website based in the USA, and they receive more than 1 million visits every month.

Onnit sells online courses on “fitness foundation certification” and the courses are built on the Thinkific platform. You can see the course listings on the subdomain Education.Onnit. The course has about 89 lessons incorporated into 14 modules.

If you observe Onnit closely, their main business is fitness products, supplements, nutrition, apparels and the similar likes. The online course sales through Thinkific adds to the extra revenues and the bottom line. Many established & popular online businesses use Thinkific platform to generate new income streams by selling online courses.

#4 LoyaltyLion Academy

LoyaltyLion is a great example of a SaaS platform business making use of online courses to get new customers. LoyaltyLion is a loyalty points management platform for e-commerce stores, and they power loyalty management for many Shopify stores, Bigcommerce stores, and other popular e-commerce platforms.

They run LoyaltyLion Academy teaching free courses on loyalty programs, how to run effective loyalty programs, and get repeated sales. Ecommerce entrepreneurs who wish to learn about running a successful loyalty program signs up with the academy.

LoyaltyLion uses Thinkific platform to manage the online courses, and they use courses as a medium to get new leads. Many other popular SaaS platforms also follows the same strategy of using courses to get new leads. HootSuite is one such example.

#5 DentalIntel Training

Dental Intelligence is a very popular software app in the US to manage dental practise. They use Thinkific to manage their software training for customers. The team at DentalIntel have setup a set of online courses that helps to understand the software and its uses so easily. This is another interesting example of using online courses to grow a business efficiently.

The thinkific platform is integrated into the training section of DentalIntel. Different courses are setup covering various aspects of the software. They use online courses as a platform to grow their software business, helping to onboard customers easily.

#6 The VocalLab

The VocalLab is an online course venture by popular Youtube pop music band The Filharmonic. They have set up ‘The VocalLab’ using thinkific platform to train interested students on vocal techniques.

The VocalLab is a classic example of how singers and musicians can make money through online courses. Not just singers, people who are good at different instruments can also make use of the opportunity in creating online courses.

#7 Elizabeth Rider – Health & Wellness

Elizabeth Rider is a very popular internet celebrity, who runs a successful blog on health & wellness. She has set up premium health & wellness courses using the Thinkific platform.

Elizabeth’s blog receives over 0.2 million visits every month and she makes money from various sources like selling courses on Thinkific, Online advertisements, selling digital products using Kajabi, affiliate marketing, endorsements, and many other opportunities. She has been featured in Thinkific as one of the premium customers.

#8 The Balanced Runner

The Balanced Runner is a niche online business by Jae Gruenke from the United Kingdom. Jae is a certified running coach, and she has set up the website “thebalancedrunner” to help runners improve their performance, get rid of pains and other problems.

Jae has setup online courses as part of her performance programs in thebalancedrunner, and she has used the Thinkific platform to manage all the courses. This is a good example of how niche businesses can use online courses as a business model to generate revenues.

#9 Desktop Documentaries

Desktop Documentaries is a popular website among new filmmakers and students. The website is full of resources that help to learn about film making, short films, and documentaries. They also help with funding schemes to get money for interesting documentary ideas. As a way to make money, the website runs courses (both free and paid) on different aspects of film making.

The website Desktop Documentaries is founded by Faith Fuller, an experienced documentary filmmaker from the United States. She runs her courses using the Thinkific platform as part of her courses section in Desktop Documentaries. A classic example of how skilled professionals can build an online business using a blog and online course platforms.

#10 Confident Voice

Confident Voice is a great example of how coaches & professionals involved in skill training like motivational training, language training, public speaking, and other skill training can set up an online business using courses. Susan Ryan, the founder of ConfidentVoice is an English trainer and she has set up courses in American accent training.

#11 Rick Hanson’s Online Course

Dr.Rick Hanson (Ph.D.) is a renowned Psychologist and NewYork Times best selling author. He has authored many books and is a sought after speaker in many organizations & events. Dr.Hanson has setup courses using the Thinkific platform, where he teaches many courses on psychology, well being, brain development, and so on.

#12 BlipBillBoards Academy

BlipBillBoards is a digital billboard marketplace where any business can buy digital ad spaces and upload their ad designs. They run an online academy to run free courses that support their business and digital advertising ecosystem. They use online courses as a means to grow their business rather than making money out of it.

#13 Samurai Carpenter

The Samurai Carpenter is a niche blog on Japanese carpentry tricks and techniques. They run a membership program for learning advanced carpentry tricks and art. The blog publishes many articles and videos for free, and they turn a portion of their free visitors to sign up for the membership program.

#14 Guitar Zero2Hero

Dave Tran, a professional guitarist from Australia has set up a membership site using Thinkific platform to train anyone in guitar playing. GuitarZero2Hero is a classic example of how musicians & instrument professionals can build an online business with the help of courses.

#15 Notary in NewYork – Online Classes

This website provides online classes for NewYork State Notary Public Licensing exams and certifications. The NYS Notary Association is behind this online course programs, and they have trained over 28000+ students since 2001. This is another example where organizations can set up an online business using courses.

We’ve seen so many examples of online course businesses setup using the Thinkific platform. If you’re a skilled person, why don’t you start one now?

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