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How to Know if Your Remote Employees are Working from Home?


Remote jobs are now no longer a strange career for employees. More and more companies are adapting the remote job culture. Companies like xteam who have their employees fully working remote were very less affected by COVID-19 and the lockdown. Current trends clearly indicate that more companies will be allowing their employees to work from home by the end of 2022. There are lots of benefits to...

7+ Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas To Get New Clients


Do you know, as a personal trainer, you’ve lots of new, innovative ideas to market your personal training business? In this guide, we’ll teach you new age ideas to get new clients. A quick snapshot of what you’ll learn is listed below: Get new clients locally using Google My BusinessHow to start a blog and launch an online personal training programBuild your personal brand using...

Edwiser RemUI – Review (The best theme for moodle in 2017)


For the past few months, Edwiser RemUI has been creating a lot of buzz in the Moodle theme space. With reviewers claiming it to be “a UI game changer for Moodle” this theme has certainly piqued our interest. The theme developers make some pretty bold claims owing to the numerous features the theme contains. But is the theme all it’s claiming to be? Does it live upto the hype...

Top 15+ Niche E-commerce Business Examples to Start an Online Store


If you’re planning to start an e-commerce business, your first thought would be how to compete with giants like Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, and the ivy league stores. Nobody in their sane minds would dare to take on big e-commerce players, especially when they don’t have venture capital investments. So the question is, how to build a successful e-commerce business without getting...