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How Much Money Can You Make Selling Online Courses


Online courses are the biggest trends happening in the online business industry right now. The e-learning market is expected to be worth $243 Billion by 2022. It is also expected to grow by $335 Billion in the next 5 years. A large number of online course sellers have quit their full-time jobs to live with the revenue from their courses sold online. Can you even believe that some of these course...

Starting a Personal Training Business Checklist


The global health club industry is expected to touch $20B by the end of this year. Worldwide, when it comes to 2020, the overall health club memberships come around 183 million. The personal training industry is also expected to have a good growth rate. More and more people are concerned about the importance of having a personal trainer and the money spent in this sector is also increasing. More...

Thinkific vs Udemy


You’re probably comparing Thinkific vs Udemy because you plan to create and sell a course online. Thinkific and Udemy are two great platforms for selling online courses but they both are different on their own. Let’s see how and figure out which one suits you best. Thinkific is an online course management platform where the course creator has complete control over many aspects like...

Make Money as a Personal Trainer


As a personal trainer, you got the opportunity to make money in multiple ways. If we think in a conventional way, a personal training business is basically a service offering one to one consultations and charging the clients every billed hour. But if we think creatively, one to one personal training consultation is just one of the many possible revenue opportunities. In this article, we explore...