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Make your wordpress development easier with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin


WordPress is getting undeniable day by day. Its getting powerful, lots of new features are added up.  Easy customization and flexibility are the highlights of wordpress. WordPress meta fields are one of the best features of wordpress. It makes your developments very easy. Its very flexible too. What is  the use of wordpress meta fields? I am briefly explaining wordpress meta fields for peoples...

How Content Writers can Make Money with Online Writing Jobs


The internet has created a wide range of opportunities to find and choose different types of professions. “Content Writing” is one such profession which would not have been this lucrative without web and internet. Every business needs content writers to perform different types of tasks. In the web based business industry “content writers” are used to create original...

How to Sell your Web Designing & Development Services


Usually this title question – “how to sell my web designing services” is asked by new freelancers, new web design agency owners, new marketing professionals & new entrepreneurs who start an IT services business. In this article, I’ll try my best to address this question based on the experience I have in starting, running & growing an IT services business (focuses...

How to connect to ftp and upload files using windows command prompt?


Some people love getting it all done through the command prompt and some might have been forced to ftp via the command line. Hope this one helps you both. Step 1 . Take the command Prompt using run in windows. Step 2 . Connect to your ftp  using ftp command. ftp Step 3. Login using your ftp credentials. Step 4 . See and navigate your directory contents using cd (Change Directory)...