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Marketplaces for Content Writers to Make Money


If you are a “Content Writer” who looks to earn more money by getting more work, then “marketplaces” are a great place to look for new projects. A marketplace is usually a website where people who are in need for content, publishes their project requirements in open. You can register with the marketplace website (usually as a service provider) and apply for the work with...

Why you should start your online business in WordPress?


1. Very easy Admin side Its very easy to manage your stuffs in the wordpress admin. Basically all the stuffs inside wordpress are based on the basic posts concept. This makes it easy for the administrator to manage all the admin side of the site. You just need to understand the purpose of custom posts and custom taxonomies. Custom Posts – Assume that you got two products, 1. Food and 2...

How to Add or Edit Coupons in Opencart


In this article, I explain how to add coupons in Opencart. In addition I have written about managing coupons in opencart and editing them. So here begins our simple tutorial on managing coupons in Opencart. Step 1:- Access the dashboard – Login to your admin area of opencart Step 2:- From the “Sales” menu, access “coupons” submenu Now you have reached the main coupon...

14 features that make Yii, the best php framework.


  Yii, for no doubt is the best php framework currently in the industry. What makes yii special?  Have a look at these 14 exceptional features. 1. Fast Check out the differences in how many RPS ( Requests per second)  other frameworks can process compared to yii. Check out the drastic difference when we enable the APC extension in php. Yii is very much known for its speed. Applications...