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How to Make Money Online by Selling E-Books


Introduction We all know about E-books! E-Books are nothing but the same content in printed books published in the electronic format. It can be a PDF or in another formats suitable for Ipad, Amazon Kindle or other devices. In this article, we are going to see how we can make money by selling E-books. In the process we will meet a couple of people who does this successfully. Why People are...

Stop wordpress spam bot comment using htaccess


Dollarfry was attacked by comment spammers recently. I didnt place any captcha for the comments so that robots where trying to bombard Dollarfry with tons of comments. And if you thought it doesnt matter as you can easily clear the spam folder then possibly you are mistaken. The harmul effects of such spam commentings are, 1. Increased server load. At a time tons of automated bots are requesting...

Avada wordpress theme have made more than $2.3 Million from themeforest in 21 months !


As you all know, wordpress theme business is one of the hot cakes in the web industry . I’ve written reviews about wordpress themes here in dollarfry. Check the Sahifa WordPress theme review. So how much you thought you can make from a single WordPress theme?  Here I am bringing out the story of the most successful WordPress theme in themeforest. Avada, created in August 12 2014 is still...

How claim your content with Google Authorship for multiple authors in wordpress


Linking your blog contents with google plus profile is really important now. Almost all the established bloggers now have linked their content with their google plus profile. And yes, it will affect your google rankings. The main advantage in this linking is the authority of the content. Well, no one reads a book of an anonymous author right? If you are to buy a book you will definitely check who...