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How to create a ecommerce website using Shopify – Beginners Tutorial


I’ve used many shopping carts (both hosted shopping carts and self hosted shopping carts) and have reviewed the popular ones , Shopify seemed like the easiest one to start. Shopify provides free trial for 2 weeks, so don’t hesitate, try out their demo. Here in this post I am providing a beginners tutorial guide to set up a Shopify website in 5 minutes, yes very much in 5 minutes! 🙂...

Common man success stories in different sectors of online business


Rather than focusing on theories and approximations, I think its better showing practical figures by showing successful people in different sectors of online business. BTW, I am not showcasing Mark Zuckerberg or Sergey Brin here, but common people who were doing  day job in company and became immensely success through internet. I’ve categorized the online business into three(This...

Installing WordPress in your bluehost using one click install in 5 minutes


As I’ve said in my previous posts, I’m in a mission in educating people around the world in starting their own website (without depending any one). [blockquote source=””]Fact is that launching a new website is something which you can Do It Yourself(DIY) without much efforts.[/blockquote] As a part of this mission, I started an article series which includes tutorials which...

Blog Name Ideas-How to Find a Name for your Blog


You are interested in starting a blog – right ? I guess that’s why you came to read my article. Every new project or product or business or website or what ever has to go through a “naming” phase, in which we give a unique and interesting name to the same. A unique, catchy and easy to remember name is crucial for the success of a business, a website, a product or a blog. I...