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Compress Images Online – 4 Best Websites and Apps to Resize Images


Nowadays web page loading time is a very significant factor in SEO, ¬†Customer Retention and Online Business. People don’t want to spend much time on a website that loads slow. Research shows us that people tend to close a slow loading website/web page faster. So here comes the importance of optimizing contents on your web page to help them load faster. One key factor that affects page...

Where to Find Blogging Jobs


If you are a talented writer who can craft well researched and unique articles, you can make a decent living through freelance blogging.If you find the term “freelance blogging” new, its nothing but developing well researched and original articles for established blogs. The business of a¬†successful blog revolves around its original and unique content. People visit a blog again and...

Disavow domains credibility checker tool by dollarfry


Many of you might have read my story of disavowing 11K+ external links pointing to my website. No doubt, disavowing that much links and around 1000 domains was such a hectic job. The hardest part was judging the credibility of these domains. Manually verifying all these 1000 domains was really hard(Getting into the website, checking alexa rank,page rank etc). I had to verify the domains as I...