Make Money as a Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, you got the opportunity to make money in multiple ways. If we think in a conventional way, a personal training business is basically a service offering one to one consultations and charging the clients every billed hour. But if we think creatively, one to one personal training consultation is just one of the many possible revenue opportunities. In this article, we explore ways to make money as a personal trainer.

#1 One to One Consultations

The heart of a personal training business is one to one consultation undoubtedly. Establishing yourself as a popular, sought after personal trainer is the key to get more clients. You charge them 35 to 45 dollars/hour or based on the standard rates applicable in your location. Over time, as your knowledge, experience, and popularity increase, you can charge higher rates per hour.

#2 Start an Online Coaching Program

Starting an online personal training program is an excellent idea to reach more clients and make more money at the same time. For example, you launch a 3 months online coaching program through your website. You set up a package that offers 10 hours of an initial consultation, daily exercise plans (send to email), weekly review (2 hours), diet planning, on-call support, and other services. You charge upfront for the 3 months programs and collect payments online. How good does that sound?

If you need inspiration and real-life examples of personal trainers running successful online programs, take a look at Nathan Robinson’s Optimized Fitness, online membership-based CaliberStrong, and online home based training by GoFitCamp. All these guys run successful online training programs and make money. If you research more on Google, you can find even more personal trainers running online coaching programs – so why not you?

You need a website to set up this program and market to your clients. To get new clients to signup every month, you’ll need to do online marketing and bring more traffic to your website. As more and more people visit your website, they will learn more about your coaching programs.

If your website gets 1000 visits a month (who are interested in fitness), and 20% of the visitors show an interest in your coaching program – that is 200 leads every month. If you can convert 10% from these 200 leads, you have 20 signups every month. If you’re charging 500 USD for the online coaching program, 20 signups will ensure you a nice 10K USD per month. Don’t you think this is an excellent business model?

Starting a website is pretty easier than you think. You can start and launch a fully functional, good looking website within 100 USD investment. We will teach you how to start a website without any technical knowledge. Please read our guides below.

#3 Sell Online Courses

Unlike olden days, people prefer to take online courses like never before. As a personal trainer, you can make more money by selling courses on platforms like Udemy, Thinkific and other platforms. Let’s figure out how to sell online courses as a personal trainer.

We’ll take Udemy first and explore. Udemy is an online course marketplace, where experts in any subject can create a course and sell online. Udemy will help you sell the course and the sale amount will be split between you and Udemy (as platform usage fee Udemy will take a percentage of the sale as commission).

We’ll see some real examples of fitness trainers selling online courses. Gam Sassoon, a certified personal trainer and founder of the online website SassoonFit is a classic example. He sells his courses on Udemy and has so far more than 11,000 students enrolled for his program. You can find his Udemy courses here.

So far, Gam Sassoon had 11258 students enrolled for his Udemy courses. Udemy is basically a platform that sells a high number of courses at cheap price, say through 10 USD flash sales. The course author can set his own prices, and he can opt to not take part in flash sales as well. However, from what we know, a big chunk of Udemy sales come from 10 dollar flash sales. So if we estimate 6 dollars as average revenue per course for Sassoon, he made more than 67,000 USD from his Udemy courses alone.

Thinkific is another great platform to create and sell online courses. Unlike Udemy, Thinkific is completely a course creators platform. Thinkific gives all the essentials like video hosting, LMS (learning management system), course promotion tools, and other necessary support. Pricing is totally under the control of the course creator. You have to pay a monthly fee to use Thinkific’s platform, which you can see on their pricing page.

#4 Start a Youtube Channel

Creating a Youtube channel is another great way to make money. You can make money from Youtube in 3 ways – 1) through Youtube Ads 2) promoting affiliate programs 3) selling your own personal training services and online courses.

You’ve to see a Youtube channel as your medium to grow an audience. If you do it right, your videos will be seen by thousands, if not millions of people. You have a chance to market your services or online courses to your video viewers. So let’s just make some rough calculations on how much money you can make from Youtube.

Hasfit is a popular Youtube channel offering personal fitness training. They have over 1.32 million subscribers and their videos has been viewed over 181 million times so far. On average, earnings from Youtube ads will be 2000 USD per million views. This is just an average metric, the actual earnings will be higher or lower depending upon your content, location and many other factors. Let’s just go ahead with the average value. Based on this calculation, Hasfit has earned 0.362 million US dollars from Youtube Ads alone. Apart from this, the founder of Hasfit, Joshua Kozak is a personal training coach and he promotes his services indirectly to the viewers.

If you’re just starting out, you may be demotivated to start a Youtube channel as there are tons of many other fitness channel. You believe me, there is a room for everybody in Youtube. What you have to do is, get started in a niche where you have competence. Create videos with an interesting teaching style, that the audience would love to watch. Making money with Youtube is a long term game, you have to frequently create videos and wait patiently for the results to come in. We believe, ‘NOW’ is always the best time to start.

#5 Start a Website and Blog

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