How to Start a Fitness Blog in 2020

Are you a fitness enthusiast looking forward to starting a fitness blog? This guide will give you the best insights into starting your fitness blog and generating revenue from it.

Table of Contents

  1. Real-life success stories of Fitness bloggers
  2. Why should you start a Fitness blog
  3. How to start your Fitness blog
  4. How to develop your Fitness blog contents
  5. How to promote and market your Fitness blog
  6. How to make money from your Fitness blog

Real Life Success Stories of Fitness Bloggers

Before diving into the guide, let us have a quick look at how big your fitness blog can be or what is the real potential of starting a fitness blog.

Here are some real-life income generated by some fitness bloggers.

NerdFitness – This blog generates annual revenue of over a million . According to Owler, NerdFitness has over $10M annual revenue. From a small blog, NerdFitness was able to grow as a big brand in the fitness industry. Now they have multiple channels of revenue.

Tammy from OrganizeYourselfSkinny was able to generate an income of  $137,540.52 from the first 18 months after starting her fitness/weight loss blog. Now her fitness/diet blog has thousands of visits a day and the revenue is much higher than what we’ve stated above.

Cassey Ho,  the founder of blogilates(a fitness blog) is another blog earning millions annually. Cassey Ho is now an online celebrity in between fitness enthusiasts. Her YouTube channel has also millions of followers, all this started from her blog.

Why should you start a fitness blog?

You probably should have heard about the Ketogenic diet. Now let us have a look at the google trends data for Ketogenic Diet(FYI, Google trends show how much a search volume of a keyword has increased or decreased, over a time period).

Fitness blog keyword trends

This shows that more and more people are searching for the fitness keyword “Ketogenic Diet”. There are a large number of keywords like this which has upword trends, or in other words, demand for fitness blog contents(or a fitness blog) is increasing day by day.

Fitness blog contents are on high demand. It is the best time out there to start a fitness blog.

It depends, for some its passion, for some its reputation and brand building, for some its money and business. In fact, all these are interdependent.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can convert your interest to a great revenue source. What are the biggest benefits of starting your fitness blog?

  • Build your personal brand – A fitness blog is the best way to build your personal brand. If you are a personal trainer, you can market your personal training service through your fitness blog. You can also boost your social media channels parallelly through your fitness blog.
  • Making money online – When it comes to 2020, there are a number of fitness affiliate programs through which you can make a great deal of income. You can also have multiple streams of revenue from your blog like advertising(google adsense, ezoic ads, Adthrive etc). You can also sell your own fitness courses, products, and guides. Using all these revenue sources collectively can bring you a good income online.

So that’s all with the introduction. I’ve broken this article into 4 steps

  • Step 1 : How to start a fitness blog?
  • Step 2 : How to develop your fitness blog content?
  • Step 3 : How to promote your fitness blog?
  • Step 4 : How to make money from your fitness blog?

Step 1: How to start a fitness blog ?

Lets start with the most basic step;about starting your fitness blog. I’ve written this in a way that you can start the fitness blog without spending much money.

#1.1: Register a fitness domain.

The domain is the address or identity of your fitness website. Make sure you land a great domain name, a great domain name is always an asset. It is better you register a domain with dot com extension (you can get worldwide traffic with .com domains). You can also register country-specific domains with extensions like(.in(India), You can get a better domain name if you go for a country-specific domain name(more domain names will be available).

Should I go for a country specific domain extension(.in, or a global domain extension(.com)?

Case 1 : Going for a country specific domain

Well if you are focusing on country specific readers/customers, there is nothing wrong in going for a country specific tld. If you are intending to develop a fitness eCommerce website which has delivery in Australia, you are definitely focusing on Australian customers/readers. So , if you look for a extension, you can land a better domain.

Just like this(image below), is not available while is available.

domain tld global and local

What does this mean? The probability of landing a greater domain is higher if you go for a country-specific TLD.

Selecting the right domain is the first important step you need to take in starting your fitness blog. Some of the most popular fitness blog names are,

You can see that these highly successful fitness blog have brandable , memorable and catchy domain names. Well, this top notch domain name is not the single most factor for their success, but you can see that these awesome domain names have helped very much for their growth.

Case 2 : Going for a global domain extension(.com)

If you are looking to focus on worldwide readers, go for a .com extension. Like, you are planning to make revenue from your fitness blog through google AdSense or planning to sell a fitness eBook or course world wide.

Let’s have a look at the popularity of the domain extensions. You can clearly see that a .com top level domain leads with 51%, .ru comes right after .com with 6.4%

You can register your domain name from any good domain registrar, Godaddy is used worldwide to register a domain.

Feel free to read these articles about landing a great domain name, it is highly recommended to read these articles before reading the rest.

How to select a good domain name for your Business
5 Best domain name suggestion tools
How to register a domain name for your Business

#1.2: Sign up for a hosting account and host your domain

Secondarily, you need to host your blog on a server. You need to buy some hosting space in order to host your blog.

You can select various hosting plans based on your requirements. If your budget is good you can opt for managed WordPress hosting(much speed and resources) or shared hosting if you are tight in your budget. One affordable managed WordPress hosting would be WPX Hosting, its cheap and managed. The wpx team will take care of your WordPress things (like installation, hack removal, cache and speed optimizations, etc). The best part is their awesome support, they do respond to your live chat in seconds.

You can check the image below to see the speed offered by various hosting providers from the data prepared by Matthew Woodward. You can see that WPX hosting is way ahead in terms of page load speed.

If you are looking for shared hosting, then Bluehost will be a good choice. Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting platforms used by bloggers worldwide. The shared hosting plan(limited resource plan) starts with $3.49 per month.

Add a domain name to your web hosting account
Change or add Domain Name Servers(DNS)

#1.3: Install WordPress and a Premium/Free WordPress theme.

Lots of blogging platforms are available online but trust me, nothing beats WordPress. You can have my word for that :). With my 10 years of experience and development with WordPress I can definitely say that it is the best and powerful blogging/small scale e-commerce platform available now.

Looking forward(to the future), if you are starting product selling, you can always integrate woocommerce(the free e-commerce plugin for WordPress). There are lots of Woocommerce Themes available in themeforest which does have a blog integrated in it(Perfect if you want a blog and a product selling platform along with it ).

When we started our artificial flower online store I did buy a WordPress Woocommerce premium theme first(which had a blog integrated into it). Without even adding any products into it, we started writing articles related to the niche. Once started receiving a descent amount of traffic, we started publishing the products and selling online. The first thing we did first was building an audience and then launching the store. If you have a similar strategy for your fitness business, then WordPress will be the best choice.

See, if you are only looking forward to starting some fitness blog, go for some good blogging themes(non-woocommerce) with great typography. When it comes to 2020, user experience and interaction is one of the biggest ranking factors of Google. Design, typography, and readability should be the first thing you should prioritize before selecting your WordPress theme.

In GoMakeBig we use typology themeforest theme , typology is a WordPress theme which offers wonderful typography and makes your blog highly readable.

The above given is the performance score of Typology WordPress theme. Page load speed is one of the ranking factors in Google so that it is important to have a website with great page load speed.

If you want any assistance in installing WordPress or setting up your website, contact me(I’m happy to help).

Installing WordPress in Bluehost server
Install WordPress in Dreamhost server

#Step 2: How to develop your fitness blog contents?

There are lots of bloggers all over the world, to be honest, every one of them is not successful. Why does this happen? I’d say mainly because of poor blog content.

Most of the health bloggers don’t focus on their content quality and writing skills. No one has written a perfect blog post on their first go. You have to improve your writing skills for the readers to come back to your website and thereby building your brand.

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.

Richard Bach

Being a new blogger and a new blog, the best strategy is to write contents that have less competition.

For instance, lets have a look at the keyword “Weight Loss Tips” , have a google search for the keyword. It brings you the most relevant results. You can see around 85,400,000 results. The results are super relevant even if you go further(going to the other pages).

The logic is really simple, this is a common keyword and lots of established big players blog on this keyword. (1st result)is one of the most established health website with millions of visitors, have a look at the alexa statics of

webmd is another big player in the health industry. Let’s have a look at the similarweb traffic data of webmd.

You can see that traffic is around 134 million a month or around 4-5 million visits a day !! Its utter foolishness to compete with such a massive website and their keywords.

So, even if you write a top-notch weight loss tips article, what are your chances to get better ranking in google for this particular keyword? I’d say slim to zero.

Instead, check out the case of this keyword “Weight Loss tips for men over 60

you can see that the total number of results narrowed down nearly to half(44,200,000). Also you can see that the results are good but not the exact thing you were searching for. Another important thing is that these websites were not as popular as the previous ones(for the previous keyword).

What does this mean?

If you write an article for this keyword “Weight Loss tips for men over 60” , you are more prone to get better rankings for your blog post. Or google will find your content important, in between this big players, as they are not providing this specific category content(weight loss tips for men who are above 60 years).

So its very important selecting the right content for your fitness blog. Write low competitive articles first, that would do well for you in google search.

As an example, I am listing 2 articles which I would write if I was starting a fitness blog right now.

  • Chest workout for skinny guys at home – Lets check out the category breakup. Male Workout>Skinny Guys>Chest Workout>Home. See, basically this article belongs a 3rd sub category of the main category Male work out , which narrow down the competition. There aren’t much written good articles in this specific sector , which gives you the leverage.
  • Workout plans for married couples – Like mentioned above this is also a keyword which is not that competitive.

Have a look at the Google results for this keyword “chest and tricep workout for skinny guys”.

You can see that the total number of results is 21,60,000 which is a decent figure. This keyword looks like a rankable one. If your content is great, you can definitely rank for this keyword.

Likewise, you need to research the keywords and build a list of the health/fitness articles you are going to write down in your blog.

You can use Google adwords keyword planner and Long Tail Pro to research low competitive long tail keywords in any niche.

This is how you need to build your blog content, this gives you more visibility and more readers, which means more social shares and more backlinks, and slowly your blog will grow.

#Step 3: How to promote and bring traffic to your fitness blog?

Now lets have a look at how you can promote your fitness blog content and bring traffic into it. There are some promotional strategies which should definitely work for a fitness blog.

Checkout the fitness blog promotion break down.

  1. Social Media Promotion
  2. Youtube Video Promotion
  3. Search Engine traffic and Link Building
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Fitness Infographics

# 3.1: Social Media Promotion

According to the latest statistics, more than 30 percent of a website’s referral traffic is been contributed by social media. Which makes social media an undeniable factor when it comes to traffic. Even though google stands as the major traffic source, social media has also made its presence and is growing day by day.

Lets have a look at some major techniques through which you can drive traffic from social media to your fitness website ,

a. Traffic from Facebook and twitter and instagram

Facbook and twitter are the most two important sources when it comes to social media traffic. Majority of the social media traffic nowadays come from facebook or twitter.
Start a facebook page and get a twitter account in the name of your fitness blog. Setup a profile pic(preferably your logo ) and a cover picture after all you can post interesting updates in through your page.

Instagram is another important social media platform that you can leverage to build your health/fitness brands. As we all know, Instagram is all about photos and short videos rather than written content. You’ll have to get top-notch photos and video content for your Instagram profile. Sjanaelise, with around 1.6 million followers is a perfect example of how you can use Instagram to build your brand.

Sjana mainly focuses on yoga and wellness. She travels all around the world and updates Yoga/fitness related content in her Instagram profile. She also does paid promotions of various brands through her Instagram account.

You can also join fitness-related groups on Facebook or else you can create one new fitness group and add fitness enthusiasts into it. You can promote your articles through the Facebook group, like after writing an awesome article, you can post it over there like this.

Hey guys,

Here I am sharing my latest article about developing better biceps in 4 weeks. Thought it would be a good share for you, please read and give a feedback.

You can also run a health/fitness related contests in your facebook page , this can easily bring up likes and fan ship to your page.

b. Traffic through Facebook advertising

Facebook ads are one of the most inexpensive and fruitful advertising strategy I’ve came across in my entire career. The benefit is that its really cheap and you can target on audience who are interested in fitness. Facebook ads can bring in genuine readers to your blog. Less money , more output , sounds good right?

c. Getting traffic from other social media(Pinterest,linkedin,Google Plus)

Pinterest,LinkedIn and Google plus collectively forms the other major social media channels. You can add some pins in Pinterest Fitness category. You need to focus on original content and infographics to get repins, this can generate more traffic from pinterest.

Follow and engage with more people through linkedin,twitter,pinterest and google plus, this can give your content more reach. You can also start health related hashtag campaigns in twitter, and this can get more visibility and reach to your posts.

d. Implement Social Share buttons

Social share buttons play a key role in building your social media traffic. Most of the established fitness websites do have social shares set up in their blog, for instance Greatist, a very popular health/fitness blog got 31K social shares to this post through implementing the social sharing buttons.

fitness social shares

There are lots of social sharing WordPress plugins, of which I think Shareaholic is the best one. I use shareaholic for this blog.

# 3.2: Youtube Video Promotion

When it comes to fitness, video promotion is one of the best strategy. Videos in fitness/health category are one of the most viewed YouTube video categories. Create a YouTube fitness video channel, post your fitness videos and promote it through various medium.

Some of the most popular Fitness video channels are,

1. Befit

Befit youtube channel was started in 2006 and has more than 3 million subscribers and is one of the most popular fitness video channels. Some of the top fitness trainers Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda posts videos in Befit video Channel. Some of the video categories in Befit include Ab Workouts,Cardio Fat-Burn,Yoga,Dance Workouts,Mobile Workouts etc.


Blogilates has more than 5 million subscribers. Their videos are mainly about length POP Pilates and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workouts.

Blogilates is a clear example of how you can build a brand through YouTube. You can also see that the blogilates blog does have more than a million traffic monthly.

3.SparkPeople Videos
With a subscriber count of 64K,sparkpeople is one of those most known name when it comes to fitness videos. This channel was started in 2006, mainly uploads videos in pregnancy workouts, swimsuit boot camps etc.

You can use these YouTube videos to build your brand as well as to drive traffic to your blog. Another advantage of YouTube videos are that you can monetize them using google adsense and if you have good viewers you can also join the YouTube partner program, through which you can make much more money and get awesome rewards.

# 3.3 : Search Engine traffic and Link Building

Search Engine traffic is the most reliable and long lasting traffic to your fitness website. You can drive quality visitors to your fitness blog from google.

Well, the search engine ranking depends heavily on lots of factors like your domain age,social shares,content length,loading speed,content quality etc. But the super most important factor is getting BACKLINKS to your fitness blog.
Havent heard about backlinks? Well,its really a simple concept , if I link to your website from my website ,then you got a backlink from me or in other words your site is important and people want to share it with the world. The more the number of backlinks the more you are prone to get better search engine rankings. These are mainly basic things about Seo.

Backlink is really important for the health and growth of any website. And what you need to get is links from related niche(fitness/health that is what count the most).

How can you get related links to your fitness website?

You need to make a list of fitness related websites from which you can get backlinks to your websites, here I am listing for some methods through which you can get related links to your fitness blog.

Method 1:  Fitness Forums

Forums are great sources forum link building, even today after all these social media sensations, there are lots of health fitness forums with great amount of traffic and quality discussions. You can find great forums in fitness niche by googling these keywords in google.

“Powered by Phbb” fitness
“Powered by vBulletin” fitness
“Powered by SMF” fitness
“powered by IPB” fitness
“powered by PunBB” fitness

You can replace the keyword fitness with health(if you want), health forums should also stand similar to your niche.

Here is a list of some interesting and reputed fitness forums.

Bodybuilding forums
Shapefit forums
Fitnessboard forums

You should be able to filter out the spammy forums(which are very common now a days). These are some of the factors through which I filter out less valued/spammy forums.

  1. Number of online people
  2. Number of threads
  3. Replies to threads
  4. Alexa traffic rank
  5. Quality of threads

Most of the forums doesn’t encourage link building. You need to be an active member in a forum first, make your presence, reply to threads, start great threads and after some period (once your newbie status has been changed)you can try building your link. The only rule is not to act spammy. Come up with a thread or something beneficial for the whole community so that the built in link itself will be something worthy for the readers.

One of the common strategies I use is to write an extension to my existing article. For example, if you are trying to build a link to your abs work out article, write something detailed about your abs workout(which is not in your article) and you can place the link somewhere inside the forum thread or comment as a further or detailed reference to your article. The problem is, you need to come up with something new and different(something that can attract the community) or else you’ll be kicked out from the forums.

Method 2 : Reddit Fitness category

Reddit is a great source to get good amount of traffic and to build some backlinks, you can promote your fitness posts through reddit in the fitness subreddit. Reddit can drive you great deal of traffic, but you need to be wise while promoting your article through reddit.
Check this article which explains you in detailed about driving traffic from reddit.

Method 3 :  Guest Blog on Fitness blogs

Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic as well as backlinks. Now a days, many doesnt encourage guest blogging, but if you article is of supreme quality the bloggers will accept your blog post.

Post an article which the blogger cannot refuse!

You can find related fitness blog by searching this keyword in google,
This brings in domain names with fitness in their urls. You can also find fitness blogs from fitness directories and through social media. Contact the blog owner and request for a guest blog submission.

Here is a list for health/fitness guest blogging , have a look.

Method 4 : Fitness products testimonials

Another great way to build links to your fitness blog is by giving testimonials to fitness products. Say, you bought a dumbbell or a fitness e-book from someone , you can contact him and give a good testimonial . You can place a link back to your blog as your identity. Genuine testimonials are something product owners welcome all the time, so you are less prone to be rejected.

Method 5: Health directories

After the google update in 2012, its commonly said that the directories wont work anymore. But I believe if you find the right directories , you can still benefit the advantage of directory submission. The advantage of using directories is that , you can get a backlink from an aged domain (which is very much valuable). Most of the popular directories are having great domain age.

Check out 3 good health directories which I’ve found out for you.

DirectoryWorld Health/fitness category
SoMuch Helth/Fitness category
Blogaroma Fitness/Catgeory

# 3.4:  Email Marketing

As soon as you start your blog, signup for an email subscription service like mailchimp or feedburner. Use the Mailchimp for WordPress plugin, this makes your mailchimp integration very easy. You need to collect the emails from the beginning itself. The readers who are willing to give you email are the ones who trust you and your blog, which means an opportunity of returning visitors. Here is a perfect example of a health and fitness newsletter from Virgin Active.

You can market your latest articles and send email updates if you have the list of emails of your readers. Big blogs generate massive amount of traffic through their email subscribers list(well, their list is also big :).)
You can also use this email list to market your own fitness products(if you are planning to start a fitness store later on).

# 3.5: Infographics

Creating a super cool infographic is a great way to promote your fitness blog. Create fitness/health related infographic and you can market it online. First of all, you need to check for a unique infographic that doesn’t exist. For instance, “How to get a six pack abs -infographic” is already seen many times. Its better going with something that doesn’t exist.
Have a look at this post workout infographic,
You should bundle your infographic as a blog post which means you need to write a blog post first and embed the infographic about this particular blog post inside the post. This way you will get traffic to your blog , as well as backlinks.

How can you promote your infographics?

You can submit your infographics in infographic directories. Well, there are paid as well as free, here is a list of some websites that accept infographics(FYI, if the infographics doesn’t meet their quality its probable to be rejected).


Another way to promote your infographics is through social media. Promote your infogrpahic through related social media groups and channels.

You can also contact blog owners who share similar contents and request theme to embed your infographic. For instance, if you have created an infographic about abs work out, you can contact similar bloggers who have written abs workout articles.

A sample email template would be,

Hi Craig,

Read your awesome blog post “7 ways to develop better abs”. I should say ,you have done a great job with the post. I really want to follow these tips for my ab workout.

Recently, I’ve developed one ab work out infographic which stands very much closer to your blog post. I think it will be a good additive to your blog post.

Please have a look at the infographic.

[Infographic link]

I would love to hear a feedback from you regarding the infographic :).

Thanks and have a great day,
Linjo Joson

First rule of email outreach requests is DONT PUSH ANYTHING. I haven’t asked the blog owner to include the infographic, instead I ‘ve suggested him the infographic. If he liked it he’ll definitely include it. Don’t draft your email like, you are an online marketeer or link builder, it should feel very personal and non profit intentional.

#Step 4 : Making money from your fitness blog.

There are many ways through which you can make money out of your fitness blog . Read my detailed blog post – Six ways to make $5,000 per month from your blog .

Lets have a look at some monetizing methods for your fitness blog/website

# 4.1: Google Adsense

Health/Fitness niche have good cpc(cost per click), which means you can earn more per click. In another words, you’ll earn much more for a Fitness/Health website than from a celebrity blog for the same amount of traffic. Regarding this fact, its not at all a bad idea to use Google ads in your fitness blog.

Google adsense is the most favorite blog monetizing method(even though there a lots of other methods through which you can make much more money). Its simple to integrate, you don’t need to turn your readers into customers(to buy some products). Integrating the google adsense javascript code starts showing ads and you’ll earn from clicks and visits.

# 4.2 : Selling your fitness e-book

You can start selling your e-book in between your readers. Write something special for your readers, may be something related to work out.

An example book in fitness niche would be “How to get six pack abs in 2 months – ebook“.

Have a look at this fitness ebook written by Clinton Dobbins. From the 279 reviews, it is very clear that Clinton is doing really good with the sales through Amazon.

The selling factor is nothing but the trust of your reader in you. You should be able to convince your readers through your blog posts. The readers should find your articles and e-book worth their time and money. This is why many famous bloggers insist on getting personal with your readers. You need a clean about page in your blog where you should disclose your identity and portfolio.

Here is another example of a fitness blogger Jessicca Louise who sells ebooks through her personal blog.

# 4.3: Starting your own fitness store

Once you reach a descent amount of traffic, you can start selling your fitness products. You can drive your blog readers into your fitness e-commerce store. This is one great revenue model as you have the targeted audience in your hand already(from your blog).

Plan everything from the beginning. Before starting your blog, plan which product you are going to sell(in the future). Say, you are planning to sell protein powders, then protein powder related articles should be your top priority so that you’ll be having the right customers(readers) in your hand. The conversion rate will be much higher.

It will be easy to sell something if you have the right customer.

Assume someone coming to your shop and asking for a chocolate, and you saying
“Sorry I don’t have chocolates , but would you like some Washing Powder?” .
Awkward! Right?

So its really important to pick the right readers.

# 4.4: Fitness affiliate programs

Many fitness affiliate programs are available, you can use them to earn much more money. Through an affiliate program, the seller gives you commission to their product bought(from your referral link). Amazon offers one of the biggest affiliate programs online.

Some of the most popular affiliates in the fitness niche are,

1. Amazon affiliates

When it comes to affiliates, amazon is always my first choice. You can sell products and ebooks from the fitness category. You can sell Treadmills, Waist Belts, Dumbbells, Fitness trackers, etc . In fact, the amazon fitness category does have more than 75,000 products. This makes amazon fitness affiliates one of the most favorite affiliate programs. Generally, amazon gives 3-4 percent commission per sale, but it can vary on the basis of your sales volume.

Update: June 2020

Amazon did a restructure in their affiliate commision rates in April 2020. Commisions dropped nearly 100% for many categories. Here is the new restructured commission rates for

Well, if you are from UK or any other countries, you can try you countries amazon affiliates(which have much higher commissions than Amazon US( Amazon UK have almost double commissions than that of Amazon US.

2. affiliates has a huge visitor status of 1 million unique visits per day. It has an affiliate program that pays you for the traffic you drive to them. You can use their banners, ads, text links etc to drive the traffic. Each ads and banners do have a unique ID , they can track this unique ID and pay you for the amount of traffic you have driven.
New affiliates can earn a 15% commission rate on orders completed by customers that are new to, and a 5% commission rate on orders completed by customers who have shopped with before. With a minimum payout of $25, it makes the payment process friendly for the affiliates.

3. Clickbank Affiliates

Clickbank is a very popular name when it comes to affiliate marketing. You can check out the Health and fitness affiliate programs in clickbank, promote the products and earn commission. If you check this link, you can see an average commission of 30$ per sale.

Select the right kind of affiliate program suitable for your blog, there are also many scams don’t fall before them, check reviews in google before using an affiliate program.

# 4.5: Fitness Courses

Do you want to go with the trend in 2020? Build a course! Online courses are selling like crazy these days. The online course industry is expected to touch $350 Billion in the next 5 years. People out there are making millions selling courses online.

You can create a fitness course and sell it on behalf of your blog visitors. The best approach in creating a fitness course will be going niche, like select an area which you love and build a course around it. You can always scale your revenue by creating multiple courses.


All these 4 steps are super important in your health blog/website success. Its better to plan from the beginning itself, have a focus on what you have to do in the first 2 years. Don’t expect to make quick money, focus on your content quality as well as post promotion and money will follow up naturally.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article.

Any questions? You can contact me 24×7 for free consultations or shoot your comment below :).

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