Demio vs GoToWebinar – Pros, Cons And The Best Features

One of the common yet crucial concerns while starting a new business is to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. Thanks to the growth of technology, most of us have the privilege of high-speed internet around us. So, why not utilize online marketing opportunities to create a successful business? 

A webinar is one such online marketing tool, which has churned out the best of technology: A perfect platform where online video presentations, voiceovers, and slides can be put out on the world wide web to communicate with interested people globally. 

Looking into the latest trend, webinars have gained massive popularity among the influencers and businesses alike, to reach out to more and more people. 

We’ve already discussed how webinars can be really effective in terms of business growth in one of our previous posts. 

Quick snippets from the same are listed below:

  1. Webinars diminish the geographical barriers and connect businesses to customers miles apart from each other. 
  2. One of the best tools to educate about a new idea, if you already have an established business.
  3. Webinars can be conducted live or you can just upload an automated one, either way, it’s easily accessible to the registered audience. 

In our earlier post, we compared two of the popular webinar platforms: Demio and EverWebinar

In this blog post, we compare the Demio platform with another popular webinar platform, the GoToWebinar. 

First, let’s unravel some of the basic details about each of these platforms.

The Demio webinar platform

Demio is one of the first webinar platforms that was developed solely for marketing purposes. 

Back in early 2014, David Abrams and Wyatt Jozwaski noticed that webinars were merely used for internal communication in companies when it had the potential to be used as a powerful marketing tool. 

Hence, they weaved out a platform purely dedicated to driving more leads for marketers like you and Demio was born. 

Demio is one of the most effective webinar service platforms that can boost your sales and bring in more attention to the existence of your newly found company. This cloud-based platform is a great choice if you are looking for live interaction with your audience. 

Educate about a new product to your keen customers or present a new idea to a group of potential investors, without any hassles of traveling, but by just having a good internet connection and Demio.

 One of the perks of using the Demio live webinar is that you’ll get real-time feedback from your audience while you introduce your concepts. 

Doesn’t it sound great? Read on to know more about the features of the Demio Webinar platform. 

The features of Demio

The Demio webinar platform is packed with smart features to help you organize a successful event. The highlight of this webinar platform is how it is loaded with features yet tailored in a way that is extremely easy to use across the generations. 

Your audience can be of any age and they can easily enroll and participate in your webinar, provided they have an acquaintance with computer and internet tools. 

The design plays an important role in attracting attendees. 

A simple landing page that highlights your company’s USP and webinar’s clear motive is what you’ll get with Demio. They provide three customizable registration page templates. The design of each of these is such that it leaves the attendees with an idea of what they can expect from you on the session they signed in for. 

In case you want to add your own registration form, they allow that as well. All you need to get is an HTML document from your website and embed it on the landing page. It is quite easy and helps to create a more personalized way of connecting with people. 

With Demio creating recurring webinar sessions is a piece of cake. 

You can easily create a webinar series where your audience needs to sign up just once and they’ll be in for every webinar included in the series. 

One very handy feature that Demio provides is the “copy feature”.

 If you have sessions lined up with similar settings, you’ll be spared with changing the setting every single time you create a session with this feature. Just copy the settings from a webinar session and use it for another one with just a click. 

This saves a lot of your time, which can be utilized to produce an excellent webinar session with insightful content. 

Choose a convenient date and time for a scheduled live session and notify your audience well in advance. If you want to run an automated session, you can let the attendees choose their time and date. Thus making sure the webinar is available for all the attendees irrespective of the time zone they belong to. 

Talking about scheduling, the platform sends convenient links to “join room”. This link automatically prompts the registrant to add the event to their calendar. This works as a great reminder tool to ensure maximum attendance for the event. 

Even though Demio provides a platform for both live and automated sessions, it has garnered popularity as an ideal choice for conducting live webinars for marketing events. The 

The live QnA feature has been crafted out really well. The chatbox is really interactive and helps clear the doubts of attendees on the go, before winding up the session. 

You can also share your screen without any complications during a live session. This aids in visual learning and hence a better understanding of a product/concept.

You can also conduct poll review about the idea you’re trying to sell, and get to know how ell they’ll be received by the market. These polls, however, do not show up in the replay of the live sessions. 

Demio Pricing

Demio pricing is quite affordable and flexible. Once you sign up, you’ll get a 14-day free trial, which includes 20 attendees and a 1-hour session limit. 

After the completion of the free trial, you can choose from the three plans Starter, growth, and business plans. 

You can have a look into the features which each of them provides and choose the one which best suits your requirements. 

Demio Pros:

  • Allows both live and automated webinars
  • Interactive live QnA sessions
  • A link sent to the attendee with an invite to add the date and time of the session to their calendar, well in advance
  •  Allows up to 4 hosts, if you opt for the business plan
  • Seamless HD live streaming
  • The live sessions are automatically recorded and are made available to replay 

Demio Cons:

  • The live QnA chats can be distracting when a single host is handling a large audience.
  • The recorded live webinar consists merely of a video sans the polls, handouts and CTAs

The list of Demio features is not limited to the above and is quite long. We’ve just handpicked some of the highlights of the product and presented it to you.

Let us now talk about the GoTo Webinar platform. 

The GoToWebinar platform

GoToWebinar is a product of LogMeIn, one of the top 10 growing SaaS companies in the world. 

LogMeIn has been developing products to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers since July 2004. 

With the sole intent of simplifying the interaction between people to better understand the evolving technologies and the innovative ideas behind successful companies, GoToWebinar was created. 

GoToWebinar is the go-to platform if you’re looking for reliability over features.

It may lack some of the smart features of high-end webinar platforms like Demio, but you can be assured of a quality webinar session with minimal distractions. 

It is also one of the first webinars that intended on escalating the marketing for a company. 

GoToWebinar : Features

Let’s have a look into the features GoToWebinar has to offer. 

The major USP of this product is its reliability. You Can be pretty sure that your session won’t crash while you are connected to your audience. 

Basic features like scheduling and notifying the attendee of the upcoming sessions are available.  Your audience needs to download any app and run the webinar on any modern browser directly. This makes joining the session easier for them. 

As a webinar host, however, you’ll need to install a desktop app to run your event. 

The design is pretty basic and does not offer any customizable landing pages. You’ll need to be content with having a monotonous registration page for all your webinars. 

You can either run an automated or live webinar session. An invitation link is sent to the registrant once they sign up for the event. 

 During a live event, you can share your screen as well and conduct polling at designated times. 

One good thing about polling here is that it shows along with the replay of a live webinar. It gets automatically recorded along with the video and although these remain non-interactive, it makes the recorded video more informative.

During the live event, the attendees get to see the poll results on their screen and be able to give honest feedback. This can help your business improve a lot and create better engagement with your audience. 

GoToWebinar Integrations

GotoWebinar can be easily integrated with your CRM platform which enables easy engagement with your clients. The webinar platform works well with its sister software like GoToStage and  GoToMeeting, all dedicated to business growth. 

You can send customized email invitations or use the automated template inbuilt in the webinar software.   

GoToWebinar Pricing

When it comes to pricing, you may have to pay more than most of the other smart webinar tools but you can be really assured of the video streaming and audio quality. 

Users have rarely reported any crashing issue in between sessions, which makes it popular despite it having lesser features and rather complicated funnel pages. 

You can choose from the three plans: Starter, Pro, and Plus packages. They also offer a 14-day free trial, so you can run a dummy webinar, to test if it works for you, before you invest your money on it. 

For the starter plan, the maximum allowed attendee is 100 while the highest one allows up to 1000 participants. 

 GTW -Pros:

  • Highly reliable platform with high-quality audio and live video streaming
  • Rare crashing episodes during a live session
  • It can be integrated with your CRM tools so your customer relations can be magnified through webinar sessions. 
  • The pro and plus plan include integration with GoToMeeting software, enabling webinar to be used during a business meeting with a client. 
  • Recorded live sessions can be replayed along with the polling conducted during the session. 
  • Screen sharing enabled
  • Sends automated e-mail invitation links to your registrants. 


  • The user interface lacks ease of use. It can be really cumbersome with lots of docks opened up on your screen
  • As a host, you must install the GoToWbinar desktop app to run a session. 
  • It doesn’t work well when both screen and webcam are shared on a single session. 

Demio vs GoToWebinar: The conclusion

You must have realized how different yet similar both the webinar platforms really are. 

While Demio is filled with fancy features to make your webinar page look appealing, the GotWebinar lacks many of it like a customizable landing page. 

However, when it comes to reliability, both of them fare almost the same, with GoToWebinar getting an extra point for its high-quality live streaming and audio quality even with a large live audience. 

You’ll also see that the recorded live session of Demio does not show the handouts, polling results when replayed. 

The GoTwebinar, however, makes the polling available even for the replay videos. 

The user interface of Demio is extremely easy to understand and use unlike GoTwebinar’s old school UI.

Next, we compare the pricing between the two. 

Here Demio, although loaded with features, is priced at a lower rate than GoTWebinar. Both of them offer a 14-day free trial.  

The bottom line here is, if you are focussing only on producing efficient, high-quality content on a reliable platform, then choose GoToWebinar. However, if you love to experiment with different features make your session look and feel good, your apt choice could be Demio Platform. 

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