Demio vs Everwebinar Compared

Webinars are an excellent marketing tool for any kind of business to promote their products and services. Marketers use webinars in different ways really, and the one method we found good is to use webinars as a medium to educate your prospects. For example, if you’re an architect who designs home, you can run a free webinar on ’10 important facts to keep in mind before building your home’.

Most people who sign up for this webinar would not have built a home before. If 100 persons signed up and attended the webinar, you got yourself marketed to 100 real people who may build a home in the near future. If 10% converts, you got 10 clients. Webinars are a really powerful marketing medium and in this article, we compare Demio and Everwebinar, two popular webinar platforms used by many marketers.

How are webinars effective?

Online mediums are being explored for business growth like never before. If you want to accelerate B2B marketing or even B2C marketing, the reasons to drift towards webinars are plenty. 

First, the webinar is not constrained to a limited number of people. This means you’ll have access to communicate your ideas to more potential customers. You can set up a webinar at the ease of your home with great content and reach out to a person residing miles apart from you. 

Second, the live one-on-one interaction, that lets you interact with your live audience and educate them on the new techniques while clearing their doubts on the go. 

Third, webinars can be accessed anytime. The live session can be recorded and put to access anytime, this enhances the audience reach and is a great way to boost your business without your direct involvement.

The Demio Webinar Platform: 


Are you reinventing your marketing strategies? Looking for a simple, easy-to-use, online platform to conduct webinars? Is one-on-one live session with your clients across the globe, in your checklist?

If Yes, then you can opt for Demio, perhaps the first webinar platform designed solely with marketing aspects in mind. 

Demio came to the market at a time when webinars were mostly used for internal communications within the company. Founders, David Abrams and Wyatt Jozwaski built a webinar software that helped businesses to sell their ideas to clients beyond geographical limitations. After 2 long years of trials, Demio was finally launched to help businesses use the webinar as an effective medium to reach out to a wider audience. The inbuilt features truly justify the sole purpose of the brand- “ Connect businesses to their potential clients”. 

Demio Webinar: Highlight features

You need not be an internet pro to get started with this platform. The key highlight is its simplicity, with no need of installing additional tools and straight forward joining processes.  One of the crucial aspects to look into while choosing an online webinar platform is its user interface and the landing page. 

Demio has an intuitive, user-friendly interface with good aesthetics. It has a minimalistic webinar creation page with two options to choose from: live and auto webinars. The landing page has 3 in-built templates to choose from.  

As a webinar host,

  1. It gives you the freedom to choose between hosting a live webinar and a pre-recorded webinar. 
  2. The inbuilt landing page templates are a great go-to option to save time. 

The Landing Page

Let’s talk about Demio’s landing page a bit more. Why is it so important? A webinar is successful only if there are more attendees. A landing page is where people come, have a look at the snippet of the webinar, and register to attend. 

Demio offers 3 different templates, where you can add details like webinar description, related video, presenter bio.  You can either choose from these or embed your own creation as an HTML document. A simple yet to-the-point landing page gives a clear and crisp idea about the webinar. This is one of the main attractions of Demio: “Less resistance for attendees”.  After the registration process, the event link is shared with the attendee under the name “Join room”. Also, the attendees need not create an account to join the webinar as a custom, branded webinar room will open right on their browser.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Do you wish to live stream with your audience through an interactive Q&A session? Demio offers a seamless HD Live streaming where you can look forward to an uninterrupted Q&A session with your leads about new products/ updates on present products. This is a great way to educate them and increase your reliability. 

Copy & Scheduling feature

Some other key highlights of Demio are its “copy” and “scheduling” feature. “Copy” allows you to copy your preferred settings of any webinar already hosted. The settings can then be used for future webinars. This will help you in saving a lot of time and effort. 

“Scheduling” page comes right after you create your event. Here you need to decide whether you want a single event or multiple events at different times of the calendar. You can also plan for a recurring event like an event which will go live every weekend or so. This adds to the flexibility in scheduling and is a great tool to manage your event calendar efficiently. 

The shortcoming of Demio is that the time zone published will be yours. Your attendees in different time zones will have to manually find out the correct time and date according to their time zone. I think Demio will correct this problem immediately by rolling out an auto, geography-based time zone conversion.

Built-in Analytics

Demio also has an integrated analytic tool. You can view how effective your webinar was in terms of attendance through in-depth measurable analytics, Here you can even understand the average attention span of attendees and use the data to improve your sessions.

These were some of the general features of Demio. Just have a quick look at the pros and cons of this product before we explore Everwebinar in the next section. 

Interactive Polls

You can create an interactive polls section in your webinar. Ask a question anytime during the webinar. You can show or hide the poll results.

Demio Webinar Pricing

The pricing plans vary in three different categories: The Starter, the Growth, and the Business plan.  You can sign up and select the plan that resonates with your requirements. They offer a free 14-day trial as well, for first-time users.

All the prices are charged on a per month basis and can also be paid annually.

Demio Webinar: Pros and Cons


  • Apt for marketing needs
  • Easy to use interface, allows even the first-timers to host a successful webinar. 
  • Customizable Landing Page with three templates
  • Attendees can join the webinar easily, without any need for an additional app or a demo account. 
  • HD Live streaming helps live QnA Session effective 
  • You can pre-record webinar and post it for your audience to access anytime.
  • Copy feature helps to apply some preferred settings to more than one webinar session. 
  • You can schedule the webinar at your convenience that suits the best for your marketing strategy. 
  • Flexible pricing


  • The landing page offers only 3 customizable templates. 
  • You can schedule the webinar only in your time zone.

Now let’s get to the next session and talk about Everwebinar

The Everwebinar Hosting platform

Not so interested in live streaming your sessions? Are you looking for a platform where you can put on an automated webinar and make an evergreen impact on your clients? Many businesses do that. Pre-recorded, automated webinar sessions eliminate the chance of hindrance due to technical glitches, that may arise in a live webinar session. 

With the Automated webinar, you can deliver polished content with strategic planning to sell the product in the best possible way. Everwebinar is one of the premium choices if you want to discover the marketing opportunities through an automated webinar. It does not support Live sessions, though. For Live webinars, Everwebinar has its sister platform WebinarJam. This webinar hosting platform was launched, somewhere in mid-2015. 

Genesis Digital, the creator of a very popular live webinar platform called WebinarJam, understood the problems associated with live webinars and churned out an alternative yet effective medium, the Everwebinar! You can record fine content and use it for multiple audiences at different times. It improves the reach manifold than just a limited number of audience in a live session. All this, while you can work on other ways to improve your business. 

Everwebinar Highlight Features

Everwebinar harnesses the power of automated webinars in the best possible way.  It is designed in such a way that pre-recorded webinars look and feel like live webinars. You can upload a recorded session according to your schedule and use the live chat simulator tool, that helps you connect to the audience in real-time. 

Everwebinar works closely with its sister platform: The WebinarJam. With just one click you can download the live webinar you’d put up in webinarJam along with the data associated with it. The recorded live webinar can then be easily uploaded as an automated session in Everwebinar.  While your audience enjoys the automated sessions from these webinars, you can utilize your time fruitfully to do one-on-one interactions with the audience.

The  Everwebinar affiliate platform allows you to keep a track of sales as well. This software has a unique feature called “Just in time”. Here the webinar can be set to start as soon as the registration process gets started. As already stated, the landing page or the registration page of your webinar should be able to capture the potential attendee’s interest. 

Everwebinar with its simple user interface provides a library of landing page templates. The content on these customizable templates can be altered to suit our needs. One cool thing about customizing Everwebinar’s landing page is that you can switch between two templates to understand which one brings in more traffic to your page, the same A/B testing concept we use in website landing pages. 

Everwebinar provides free hosting using its cloud-based services.  You can create the link of the registration page directly on your company’s webpage using the embedded copy/past code. Now that we have discussed some of the highlights of Everwebinar’s feature, let us quickly have listed out its pros and cons. 

Everwebinar: Pros and Cons


  • Highly customizable registration page, with a library of different templates to choose from
  • Provides free hosting service using its cloud-based services
  • Everwebinar integrations with PayPal make fund transfer easier across the globe
  • Features like live chat simulator give a live webinar feel to the automated webinar
  • Integration with its partner tool, Webinar Jam helps record live sessions and upload as an automated webinar with just one click
  • “Just in Time”  feature where the webinars start off as soon as an attendee is registered
  • 14-Day free trial available.  


  • Not build for live sessions
  • The registration page designs are not so pleasing. 
  • You can’t change the content once it is uploaded and scheduled, doing so may cause unwanted errors. 

Everwebinar: Pricing

The Everwebinar platform offers economic pricing. You can take 14-day free trial, before you sign up for an annual price of $597. Now that we have given you the idea about the features of both Demio and Everwebinar, let’s have comparative look amongst the two. 

Demio v/s Everwebinar: The conclusion

To conclude let’s say both Demio and Everwebinar offer features worth their prices.  Interested in Live webinars and occasional automated webinars? Do you wish to include great marketing features into your webinar? Go for Demio!

Love being prepared with proper well-rehearsed content? Have to conduct multiple webinars on the same topic for different audiences? Everwebinar is your go-to solution. 

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