Avada wordpress theme have made more than $2.3 Million from themeforest in 21 months !

As you all know, wordpress theme business is one of the hot cakes in the web industry . I’ve written reviews about wordpress themes here in dollarfry. Check the Sahifa WordPress theme review. So how much you thought you can make from a single WordPress theme?  Here I am bringing out the story of the most successful WordPress theme in themeforest.

Avada, created in August 12 2014 is still  the most sold WordPress theme . If you havent heard about avada have look at the avada wordpress theme in themeforest.


avada theme demo

#1 How much copies of Avada have been sold?

Avada have more than 70k purchases(and counting) from themeforest alone. Themeforest gives a commission of 50 to 70 percent of the buy now price if the  item is sold exclusive ( Sold only in themeforest, cannot buy elsewhere) and  30-35 %  if the item is sold  non exclusive(You can list the theme in other market places too).

Avada is an exclusive theme which can be bought only from themeforest. If you check the theme authors webpage(themefusion) you can see that the buy now link has been  directed to themeforest.

#2 How much money have themefusion supposedly made selling Avada theme ?

The 50 to 70 profit varies depending on the sales volume(Themeforest decides this). Normally a fresh new theme gets 50 percent of the buy now price and goes up further with sales. Lets assume that all sales of avada have made 60 percent profit.


[blockquote source=””]

Total amount of money Avada generated – 70150(sales) x 55 $ (price per item) = $3,858,250.
Total profit to the seller                                                               – 60 percent of $3,858,250 = $2,314,950.
Total profit to themeforest                                                         – 40 percent of $3,858,250 = $1,543,300.[/blockquote]

Who cannot be jealous of themeforest? $1,543,300 money made from a single theme for acting as a market place for the theme . (you all know how much themes are sold in themeforest)

Avada nearly have 1000 sales a week , or $33,000 profit per week for the theme author !

Moreover, they should have made lots of money giving support to these theme buyers. For instance, buyer can request a customization for the theme and the theme authors can do that. This work very much similar to the services model where the developer can charge for hour. Also, the  customization wont be that hard as the theme developers know everything about the theme.

Best features of avada

  • 100 percent responsive.
  • Mega Menu .
  • Woocommerce integration.
  • Advanced options and 100 shortcodes.
  • Great support.
  • One page parallax feature.
  • Regular updates.
  • 6 Blog Layouts.
  • WP multi language ready.
  • 18 home page layouts.
  • 5 kinds of slider.

Have a look at the complete features of avada .

 #3 Why these much people buy avada, what is the secret of avada’s success ?

Great Features

Well, currently I am fully in WordPress theme business. Lots of the  new themes in WordPress provide many of the features provided by Avada. But the   secret behind the great success of  avada is that they were the first one to implement  these features. The best thing about avada is that it is heavily loaded. It worth very much more than the 55 $.  The 18 home page layouts and the 100 shortcodes itself are enough to get back the money spend. Recently we developed a travel WordPress theme, which had 4 home page layouts and I personally think it was more than enough :).

Multiple niche compatible (Freedom and flexibility to user).

Avada is a multipurpose theme, or the user had the freedom to use it for his websites in different niches. You can use it as a porfolio website, business website,e-commerce,photo gallery,blog and in much more niches.

Unbelievable sales.

Well this work on the basic human psychology.

[blockquote source=””]Everyone buys this theme, definitely this should be good[/blockquote]

More over no one will be worried(will be confident too) in buying the most sold theme in themeforest!

More exposure from themeforest

Being the most popular theme, avada will be featured by themeforest itself in the popular items menu .  Lots of user navigates to the popular items page and they will be seeing avada over there.



Also the buyers can sort the results by sales and avada will be shown on that list too.

Avada is the only theme of themfusion(theme author company).

I am not 100 percent sure about this , but when I looked over their theme showcase I did only find avada. No wonder, they should give support to 1000 buyers every week! Anyway the point is , they can give awesome support to the buyers as they might be focusing fully on this single theme.


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