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Lookahead and Lookbehind in regex tutorial


Lookaheads are one of the most powerful feature in regular expressions.  Lookaheads helps you to broaden your matches. You really may need to depend on these lookaheads in many scenarios. For instance, if you want to match every  “N” in the paragraph which is not followed by  a “O” . You cannot use the not (^) , say  /N[^O]/  as it will match the second character also.  So...

Why the IT business start up graph is increasing? – 7 Reasons


image credit : Tom is a programmer and Jerry is a designer. Just have a look at this small conversation between Tom and Jerry. Tom: Hey Jerry, you are a good designer. I know how to program. Why don’t we start an IT business? Jerry: I too was thinking about starting an IT business. Lets think about this. Tom: What we need initially is a Company name(domain name), design and functionalities...

Why you should start your online business in WordPress?


1. Very easy Admin side Its very easy to manage your stuffs in the wordpress admin. Basically all the stuffs inside wordpress are based on the basic posts concept. This makes it easy for the administrator to manage all the admin side of the site. You just need to understand the purpose of custom posts and custom taxonomies. Custom Posts – Assume that you got two products, 1. Food and 2...

14 features that make Yii, the best php framework.


  Yii, for no doubt is the best php framework currently in the industry. What makes yii special?  Have a look at these 14 exceptional features. 1. Fast Check out the differences in how many RPS ( Requests per second)  other frameworks can process compared to yii. Check out the drastic difference when we enable the APC extension in php. Yii is very much known for its speed. Applications...