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How to submit a form with jquery ajax and with HTML 5 Validation


Jquery ajax as well as html 5 validations are one of the most important features of web development. Both of them makes the tasks of developers so damn easy. Some of you might ran into issues while using both of them simultaneously , especially with jquery click for triggering the form(the validation may freak out if we use click).  Actually the solution is simple, we just need to use the jquery...

How to display adsense(advertisements) below first 3 (N) posts in wordpress only


Most or majority  of the wordpress bloggers use adsense (or advertisements) below posts. And in the home page (where we can display 3 ad units (adsense)  in total, each one below posts so as to display ads below the first 3 posts ). But the real issue is that the javascript code for the ads gets called again inside the wordpress loop and blank space will be shown there from the 4th posts onwards...

4 Types of Video ads you can create for your Product


Video advertisment are now the most trendy method to promote your product. Doesnt have any idea about creating and ad for your product? How can you create a unique video ad that can attract customers? This article will help you. First of all you should identify the character of your product and make the advertisment for the peculiar product behavior. Video ads can be of three types Type 1 (Video...

Two ways to sort an array keeping its key in php


The sort function in array sorts the array very well, but it doesnt maintain the keys so that it becomes really painful sometimes. There will be several scenarios were we need to keep the keys of the associative arrays. Luckily there are two functions in php which will help us to achieve this 1. uasort uasort sort the array in the desired order (ascending or descending and will maintain the keys)...