AuthorJojo Joson

Best Online Course Platforms


If you’re in the process of starting an online course, you need to choose the best online course platform to host your course files. The platform you choose should be user friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to learn. Your students should not get bored and turn off from your course halfway. They should find the platform interesting, easy to play with, and above all motivate them to...

Thinkific vs Udemy


You’re probably comparing Thinkific vs Udemy because you plan to create and sell a course online. Thinkific and Udemy are two great platforms for selling online courses but they both are different on their own. Let’s see how and figure out which one suits you best. Thinkific is an online course management platform where the course creator has complete control over many aspects like...

Make Money as a Personal Trainer


As a personal trainer, you got the opportunity to make money in multiple ways. If we think in a conventional way, a personal training business is basically a service offering one to one consultations and charging the clients every billed hour. But if we think creatively, one to one personal training consultation is just one of the many possible revenue opportunities. In this article, we explore...

7+ Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas To Get New Clients


Do you know, as a personal trainer, you’ve lots of new, innovative ideas to market your personal training business? In this guide, we’ll teach you new age ideas to get new clients. A quick snapshot of what you’ll learn is listed below: Get new clients locally using Google My BusinessHow to start a blog and launch an online personal training programBuild your personal brand using...